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OutdoorsMagic is streets ahead of any of its print and online rivals. More people visit OutdoorsMagic each month than read all of the UK's outdoors magazines added together, twice over in fact! For the seriously outdoorsy or at least those not glued to their sofas, OutdoorsMagic has everything. It is home to the UK's biggest and friendliest community of outdoors people and has more equipment reviews than anywhere else by far. Jon Doran, the editor, has impeccable credentials and directly or indirectly, has probably influenced more outdoors-buying decisions than anyone alive. If your customers are people who like to spend time in the great outdoors, there really is no need to look anywhere else.

User profile*

Mr OutdoorsMagic male, age 32, income £35,000

Mr OutdoorsMagic is an active, environmentally conscious professional. Keen to reduce his carbon footprint he likes to take his holidays in the UK and prefers to eat healthy, organic food. At the end of a hard week he likes to drop everything and get away to the Peaks or Scotland to do some hiking. He's discerning and informed and reads The Guardian and bbc.co.uk to keep up-to-date.

  • 50% took 3 + holidays last year
  • 45% £300 + online on kit last year
  • 98% influenced by user reviews
  • 95% pay more for quality products

* OutdoorsMagic user survey April 2009

OutdoorsMagic traffic

(Omniture, March 2010)

Monthly unique users 203,011
Page views 1,654,261
Average dwell time 10 mins

Email newsletters 29,526
Third party emails 17,645

The right solution

We offer a range of advertising, sponsorship and data collection products because every client is different and standard display may not be the best solution for you.

Here's how we see it:

Standard display formats are the best solution for you if you are looking for a cost effective way of reaching the largest possible audience with a clear and simple message

Rich media and special executions are perfect if you are looking for extra impact and to 'drive home' a message as quickly as possible

Advertorials and micro-sites work best for if your product or service needs explanation or you want a way of engaging customers and 'warming them up' to buy

Text advertising is the most cost effective way of keeping your name 'front of mind', helping with search engine indexing and for sending customers to your website

Email marketing will provide the best response for you if you have a direct and relevant offer to put in front of customers

Data competitions will help you educate customers about your product as well as providing valuable op-in contacts for your marketing database

Customer service

Bringing your ideas to life

Our in-house designers and technicians are here to help you. It may be a simple ad, a competition or something more technical and involved. If you have an idea we'll help you bring it to life and take it to your customers.

Tracking and delivery

Our Microsoft ad serving technology will help you track every pound of your adverting investment and we'll work closely with you to make sure your campaigns deliver and deliver on time.

Helping you influence more customers

To guarantee your campaign reaches the maximum number of customers the optimum number of times, we can limit or cap the occasions individuals are exposed to your ad. For example, if you bought 1M ad impressions, capped at 4 exposures that would guarantee your campaign reached at least 250,000 individuals a maximum of 4 times each. This way you can be certain your investment is working as hard as possible for you.

UK-only IP addresses

We can restrict your advertising to UK-only IP addresses to guarantee you target local customers with local budgets.

Proactive account management

Online advertising provides lots useful feedback and statistics. I will work closely with you helping you interpret your ad reports and making recommendations where necessary to make sure your campaign is as successful as possible.

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Chris Goh
phone: +44 (0)20 7150 5089

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