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In this week's selection of outdoor videos we have a guy diving into an active volcano

Diving into an Active Volcano -  This video is about the Marum Volcano Expedition in which filmmaker Sam Cossman comes scorchingly close-up to Marum Volcano, an active hot spot on Ambrym Island. Makes you burn up just watching it.

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Short taster video of ice climbing in the Alps

Alpine climbing with The Bullock and The Big Man

Short teaser / trailer from a friend of Mountain Equipment and Plas y Brenin Instructor Keith Ball.

This has been taken from Keith’s current editing project off the back of his recent trip to the alps with Nick and Tim. Final edit coming soon ...  Continue reading

Watch Berghaus athletes Philippe and Anna Gatta tackling the Great Himalya Trail in this cracking video.

Philippe Gatta's Ultimate Trail - Video

Remember Berghaus runner and mountaineer Philippe Gatta's project to run the length of the Nepalese section of the Great Himalayan Trail supported by his wife Anna dubbed 'The Ultimate Trail'? It was a truly epic undertaking that got more epic when the weather got involved and ...  Continue reading

A catastrophic component failure underlines just how much we take reliable gear for granted.

Trusting Your Gear

Ooops, as they say. As I pressed down hard on the pedal of my road bike after just 44km or so of the Grindleford Goat sportive, there was an interesting cracking noise and I realised that my left foot was no longer connected to my bike. It was however ...  Continue reading

The European Outdoor Film Tour hits the UK this autumn and here's a video taster for you.

 European Outdoor Film Tour Trailer - 2014/15

Chcek out the trailer for this year's E.O.F.T, a touring selection of some of the best outdoor and adventure films out there which hits the UK this November. Looks good no? You can find full details of the UK dates and venues at www.heason.net along with ...  Continue reading

Our pick of the week's best outdoor videos from stealth penguin cams through to stunning time lapses.

Small Cameras, Big Stories

Ever pondered just how and why there's so much quality video around these days? Award-winning BBC wildlife filmmaker John Downer talks about how the advent of top quality compact action cams has allowed him to produce amazing footage in the wild. Amazing footage of wildlife close up and ...  Continue reading

Preview of this year's World Mountain Running Championships' course in Casette di Massa, Italy

World Mountain Running Championships' Course Preview 2014

The Great Britain team are poised to take part in the World Mountain Running Championships in Italy on Sunday. 

Over 400 athletes from 40 countries will tackle the gruelling 8km uphill-only course (previewd in the above video) for this Sunday’s race in Casette di Massa.

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Here's a taster of what the Austrian Alps can offer for hikers and outdoors enthusiasts

Hiking In Austria

We visited the Austrian Alps to see how they fared as a hiking destination abroad. It turns out they are spectacular and a quality destination for outdoors enthusiasts whether you want to walk, mountain bike or get involved with water sports, there's something for everyone.

The above image was taken ...  Continue reading

This week's selection of outdoors and adventure videos with a twist or two thrown in...

Jason Schlarb - Trail Minded #4: UTMB® race report

A competitor's eye view of the recent Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - a personal take on one of the world's most epic mountain races.

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We tackle the last great outdoor taboo by socking-up with our sandals...

Socks And Sandals? Get Over it!

If you're of a sensitive disposition, you might like to look away now for I have broken one of the last great taboos: yes, as you'll already know if you've read our review of the Teva Terra Fi 4, I wore sock with my sandals.

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