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Ten in Ten in Ten 4 Nepal

A nice little video about last week's Ten in Ten in Ten 4 Nepal Fundraising Event in aid of the Nepal earthquake appeal which took place in the Peak District. Participants aimed to climb ten rock routes over a ten mile walking route i the ...  Continue reading

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy - 2014

Every year Arc'teryx organises a brilliant long weekend of alpine classes, training and event based around Chamonix. It might sound a little intimidating, but in reality it's a brilliant, friendly way to expand your mountain skills whether you're a raw novice or a keen improver. We were ...  Continue reading

BBC Radio 4 asks if, in a country rife with corruption, emergency aid will get to where it's needed.

BBC Questions Nepal Earthquake Aid Allocation

Fascinating and concerning 30-minute BBC Radio 4 programme on iPlayer asking whether the aid flooding into Nepal after the recent earthquake will, in a country notorious for government corruption, get to where it's really needed particularly in the case of contributions from NGOs.

What you may not ...  Continue reading

Video round up including footage of Dean Potter, Ben Nevis and micro-adventuring in the lakes.

Ultimate Rush: Dean Potter Freebase

Following the death of one of extreme's sports most influential pioneers, we thought it was apt to share a video of Dean talking about the then-new concept of freebasing. RIP.

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Fort William and Lochaber unleashes a new series of promo video shorts with a family-friendly film.

Lochaber Launches Video Diary Series - Video

The self-appointed Outdoor Capital of the UK, Fort William, has launched a new series of video shorts called Outdoor Capital Diaries promoting the attractions of the area - yes, we know about Ben Nevis, but there's lots more - with the first in the series ...  Continue reading

Tv presenter tries his hand at climbing alongside one of the world's best young female climbers.

James Corden climbing with Ashima Shiraishi  - video

Popular TV presenter James Corden was taught how to climb by one of the world's best young female climbers - 14-year old Ashima Shiraishi. 

Shiraishi, who just completed one of the world's toughest climbs, and Corden, a slightly plump man from High Wycombe, had a race ...  Continue reading

The problem isn't technology, it's people using technology badly.

This Whole GPS Navigation In The Outdoors Is Killing Traditional Navigation Skills Thing…

Sorry about the long title, but here's how it goes. Every few weeks another release or shock, horror story drops into my inbox along the lines of 'Moron Walkers Rescued After Attempting To Navigate Using Nasty New-fangled Technology - ...  Continue reading

Doug Scott talks about the #ClimbForCAN fund-raising initiative at the 2015 Kendal Mountain Festival

Keswick #ClimbForCAN Fund-raising - Video

A quick video filmed at the Keswick Mountain Film Festival outlining the fund-raising activities behind the Community Action Nepal Keswick #ClimbForCAN initiative to raise money for Doug Scott's charity in the wake of the disastrous recent earthquake and, in particular, the way the climbing community has got behind ...  Continue reading

Video tribute to one of America's most famous extreme athletes who fatally crashed in Yosemite National Park on Saturday.

Dean Potter Dies In Wingsuit Flying Accident

The well-known American extreme athlete Dean Potter has died following a wingsuit flying accident in Yosemite National Park, California.

The 43-year-old, who was widely regarded as one of the main pioneers of extreme sports, crashed after jumping off a 3,000ft promontory called Taft Point.

Potter jumped with fellow ...  Continue reading

Microadventures, dam climbing and base jumping all included in this week's selection of top outdoors videos.

Adventure Talks: Alastair Humphreys

The man who specialises in accessible adventurers for the everyday person, Alastair Lee says you don't need to be an extraordinary person to go forth into uncharted territory. All it takes is a decision. Here's a short with Alastair talking all about these mini adventures.

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