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In this week's edition we have climbing, mountain training, wild camping and hill walking.

The Classics Ep1: Multipitch Fiesta de los biceps 7a

New series from Mammut focusing on the world's most famous multi-pitch climbing routes. The first episode sees professional climbers Anna Stöhr and Edu Marin take on the Fiesta de los biceps, a 7a-graded route with a whole load of overhangs and loose rocks. Great start to ...  Continue reading

More impressive outdoor videos including trail running, climbing, alpinism and wild camping.

Barcelona: Salomon Running TV - Season 5 Ep3

Another great edition of the Salomon Running TV series as trail runner Max King and Ellie Greenwood find themselves immersed in the streets of Barcelona. From dark gothic alleyways to vibrant beaches, they discover a city of contrasts as they run and explore amidst ...  Continue reading

We follow an Irish amateur filmmaker on three famous multi-day treks in Africa, Nepal and Chile.

Three Epic Multi-Day Treks Abroad - Video

Sometimes you find a short film on youtube and think 'how can this possibly have so few views when Justin Bieber has billions?' 

Well, when it comes to outdoor videos, there are so many gems out there hidden away from the mass commercial markets, you just ...  Continue reading

mixed climbing, epic expeditions, wild camping and rock climbing included in this week's selection.

Winter Layering - Mixed Climbing in Switzerland

Kandersteg in Switzerland has long been a mecca for alpine climbers, and in 2015 Rab athlete Jeff Mercier made an incredible link up of three classic mixed routes - in a single day. Watch as Jeff seamlessly glides across the rock and ice in among ...  Continue reading

A nice little video following two brothers as they hike and bivvy around the Snowdon Horseshoe.

Bivvying On The Snowdon Horseshoe - Video

Now it is well and truly spring and the snow-tipped peaks are starting to thaw out, we're nearing the time of busy hill walking season.

So, if you'd like to miss the crowds but don't want to be completely bulldozed by the weather, then April is ...  Continue reading

Climber Mayan Smith-Gobat makes first ascent of one of Patagonia's most famous big wall climbs.

Mayan Smith-Gobat climbing Riders on the Storm - Episode 1

In February, Adidas Outdoor athletes Mayan Smith-Gobat and Ines Papert summited Torres Central, in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia/Chile, via the east face.

It was the first female ascent of the historic 1,300m route known as 'Riders on the Storm' and the ...  Continue reading

Canadian brand's engineered merino wool and Gore-Tex's permanent beading membrane explained.

Arc'teryx's Innovative Fabrics Explained - Video

The Canadian brand Arc'teryx has recently introduced two new fabrics two its range - the engineered merino wool and Gore-Tex's permanent beading membrane.

For the spring / summer season, the designers have played around with synthetic and natural textiles in the hope they can produce the ultimate multi-day ...  Continue reading

Very watchable short video from the guys at Salomon about a trail running man and his dog... dogs.

Trail Dog: Salomon Running TV Season 05 Episode 02 - Video

In the latest edition of Salomon's brilliant trail running video series, we follow the winner of the #TrailDog competition Gaëtan Ugnon-Fleury and his dogs, Pépite and Jolyn.

It's an extremely relatable video for all those with canine running buddies, but for those who don't have ...  Continue reading

Pre-Easter outdoor video fest with everything from weekend alpine escapism through to aerial views of urban mountain biking - enjoy!

Arc'teryx presents: WKND

We might have done this already, I don't know, but what the heck, a stunning short from the guys at Arc'teryx that sums up the essence of weekend mountain escapes with the help of some stunning Canadian scenery, an Arc'teryx employee -  Arc’teryx Athlete manager Justin Sweeny, and brand athlete ...  Continue reading

The latest haul of online outdoors video has everything from alpine epic through to quirky Chinese climbing via dramatic mountain biking shorts.

Making Time

Ever wondered about who designs Mountain Equipment's clothing? Meet ME designer Sam, and get an idea of what makes him tick. Clue he might just be fanatical climber. But a zoology degree? Who'd have thunk it? Nice little film that might just explain why ME kit feels like it's been ...  Continue reading

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