Light Weight Stuff Sacks

Silnylon and spinnaker

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02/01/2012 at 10:39

All bags have a high quality low profile cord lock with stainless spring and 2mm dyneema cord drawstrings. Gutterman thread has been used throughout, so the thread will not rot out.

All prices include any fees and postage.

Bags are pictured top row left to right.

Bishop Bag – Grey silnylon 19cm x 39cm - £9
Stuff Sack – Grey silnylon 12cm x 15cm - £5
Stuff Sack – White Spinnaker 12cm x 22cm - £6
Stuff Sack – White Spinnaker 16cm x 21cm - £6
Stuff Sack – White Spinnaker 17cm x 25cm - £6
Stuff Sack – Black silnylon 16cm x 20cm - £5
Stuff Sack – Black silnylon 17cm x 21cm - £5
Stuff Sack – Black silnylon 16cm x 26cm - £5

Or £42 the lot
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