Floppy trousers?

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07/12/2001 at 14:02
Can anyone recommend some decent slightly stretchy pants for flopping around in? Jog-type ones lose their shape and go 'eggy' and because I have slim limbs, Ron Hill Tracksters make me look like a 2-pin plug.
07/12/2001 at 14:14
Flopping around? If you want warm then Powerstretch tights from a variety of manufacturers are brilliant, though they might still have the Trackster effect.

No-one, btw, looks good in Tracksters, it's an immutable law of pants. Ultrafleece is great, but not really stretchy, though the latest ones tend to have articulated knees which helps.

OutdoorsMagic Reviews Editor | jon@outdoorsmagic.com 

07/12/2001 at 14:57
Mmmm, powerstretch tights are like double-plus plug. Worse than Ron Hill. Fleecy is what I need. Any suggested models?
BTW, regarding the comment about no-one looking good in tracksters - most men I've seen in them look.. errr.. shall we say 'obvious'- I can usually hazard a guess at their religion (if you know what I mean).
07/12/2001 at 15:15
Standard fleece trews or microfleece would probably do the job. Powerstretch is great though...

OutdoorsMagic Reviews Editor | jon@outdoorsmagic.com 

07/12/2001 at 15:20
In winter it's the only time when having a 'pullover' is a distinct disadvantage!

Unfortunately, until someone comes up with something better, I shall continue to look like Max Wall!
07/12/2001 at 15:51
I haven't got any fleece trousers, and will probably make my own when I do want some, but for flopping around in I have some really nice Nike tracksuit bottoms. They're drop waist, straight legged, have zips at the bottom and are quick drying. I took them to the Dolomites as my only pair of trousers.

The other trousers that really are nice are the Mountain Hardwear Canyon pants. They seem to have the cut right for women, although I don't actually oen a pair. However, for hanging around in these are probably a bit expensive.

What do you mean by flopping around? If you're not talking heavy duty walking then I'd get down the fashion houses and pick up some cheap troos.
07/12/2001 at 16:33
By flopping I don't just mean what I look like after a bottle of Rawson's Retreat, I mean decent enough to be seen in public with. Cheap trews go eggy within hours; I have some Adidas joggers, but after a few weeks' wear they went shapeless, too. I'll have a look at Nike if you reckon they look good for longer. The drop waist sounds good as I have a proportionately 'short waist to long leg' body ratio.(as do many girls compared to men.) I have some TNF Tekware pants (which keep their shape but have a tiny waist) and some Berghaus woven trousers (which start to go eggy within hours!), but they have a rigid waistband which isn't so 'forgiving' when I want to chill out back at the ranch (or hostel, or whatever). Have any other girls found that TNF women's trousers have rather small waists and huge hips? Do they think we're all Barbie?
Thanks for all responses so far, folks.
07/12/2001 at 21:48
Berghaus do a polartec 100 fleece trouser. It's the Yukon trouser. If you've ever seen a Yukon top, then you'll know how nice it would be against legs. Mmmmmm so smooth, and soft... ahem... I was um... just getting my coat.
07/12/2001 at 22:01

Do you not care about globalism and exploitation of children in the sub-contracted sweatshops of the far east!!!

(sorry I'll get my parka and go off with my hippy mates!)
09/12/2001 at 21:39
your hair is too short to be a hippy!
09/12/2001 at 22:14
I have had hair reductions.
10/12/2001 at 11:16
Oddly enough Alex, I do. Buying Nike is a source of angst, for sure.

However, getting a full list of companies that do care about the conditions of their workers is no mean feat. I used to have a web link to the updated list, but I've lost it. Boycotting Nike and supporting GAP, is like jumping out of the chip pan into the fire. I'll have to swap them all for New Balance I guess.
10/12/2001 at 20:21
I understand that Addidas aren't TOOOOOOOO bad, but Rebok are just as evil!

Also that Donnay stuff is meant to be ok (ish!)

Are New balance listed as good?

I still have a few bits of Nike stuff left from "BEFORE I KNEW". They tend to be falling apart now and warable only for the gym.
11/12/2001 at 09:41
Mountain Equipment Ultrafleece trousers are superb. I have even been known to go clubbing in them - quite regularly. They are also fab for random drinking excursions, watching telly and generally slobbing about.

Oh aye, they are quite good in the hills as well!!!!
11/12/2001 at 14:21
How exactly do your trousers go "Eggy"?

I can make mine go eggy at a moments notice but I suspect you mean something other than filling them with sulphurous gasses...
11/12/2001 at 15:02
Sorry, It's an old expression of my mother's. After wear, the knees assume a rounded knee-shape which persists even when the victim stands up.

And as I said somewhere in a thread, girls don't smell.... so I don't know what you're referring to....
like h*ll! My other half can produce methane to order!
13/12/2001 at 18:10
High Peak leisure of Hanley do fleece trousers and actually won a best buy from one of the mags a while ago.
13/12/2001 at 19:37
Don't know these guys, Bryan. Is that Hanley as in Stoke? Any more details? So far the top runners are Berghaus Yukon and Mountain Thingy.
14/12/2001 at 08:31
Sorry about that. Yes Jeannie it is Hanley in Stoke on Trent. High Peak Leisure Clough Street Hanley Tel:-01782268102
19/12/2001 at 16:56
Oh, does the fact that TNF trousers fit me OK make me Barbie-shaped? And is this a a compliment?
Unfortunately, I don't have a bustline that competes with Barbie's, so maybe not.....

More seriously, I'd have thought you might find the same problem with Mountain Hardware trousers...... it seems to be an American shape. Which suits me just fine, as I'm obviously not a British shape, but I guess it won't help you.....
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