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01/05/2006 at 19:08

Tried on (among many others) an Osprey Stratos 24 and it felt quite comfy, but I've also seen advertised on Costswold t'internet the Macpac Tekapo 25/ 25+.

Anyone had any experience of Macpac's Tekapo range? Do they have a nice mesh back like the Ospreys? And how bulky are they for a small sack?

I suppose I could order both from the website and send the one I don't like so much back but that sounds a bit of a faff!

I need one for three day jungle trek so I need good back ventilation.

01/05/2006 at 20:27
Hmmm, can't say as I have tried an Osprey daypack, but I have a Tekapo 35 which fits well and has a great waist strap.

I haven't tried mine yet in the height of Summer (got it only a few months ago) but wearing a coolmax top I didnt get to hot.
01/05/2006 at 21:17
The Tekapo's are - I'm told - comfortable, but they are bulky and heavy-ish packs.
01/05/2006 at 23:05
Macpac's generally tend to be heavier (loosely speaking) as they sometimes have a bit more padding than other packs but it depends what you like, my OH loves Macpacs as he prefers the extra padding, and he's not to fussed about the extra weight as long as he is comfortable. Macpac's are incredibly durable too.

I've had no experience with Osprey but I've heard good things about them, hopefully someone will be able to give a rec. for Osprey.

01/05/2006 at 23:17
The Stratos is a very nicely designed, stable and comfortable piece of kit. I don't own one but work in a shop where I have played with it a fair bit and know from my Aether 70 pack that Osprey use very durable materials, even though they don't feel as heavy-duty as MacPac.

You seem to be looking down the right lines at least- the Stratos is a whole world above the Berghaus Freeflow packs (I own one myself). Unfortunately I haven't seen the MacPac to compare it to.
01/05/2006 at 23:41
Since you say you've tried the Stratos 24 presumably it felt pretty good - did you try it loaded with a decent amount of weight?

I ask because I tried the Stratos 32 last week, and the bottom corners of the frame dug into my hips quite noticeably so I had to leave it (shame since it was a very well featured pack). What's more the assistant said "you're not the first person to notice that". Now I'm not trying to knock Osprey or the Atmos or Stratos packs, clearly very many people find them great, but there must also be some, perhaps a certain body-shape, who they just don't fit well.

FWIW I just ended up with a Gregory Juxt, 28L capacity, very well built with some nice features, and it carried very comfortably on the hill. But it doesn't have an airgap frame (there is a small air channel down the centre of the back) so it may not fit your requirements.

BTW, you asked if the Macpac has a mesh panelled back like the Osprey - check out the AirSupply back info on this link...
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02/05/2006 at 11:33
I have a Macpac Tekapo 45+.
Its the comfiest day pack I've ever had and big enough for an overnighter or two if tent and sleeping mat lashed outside it.
It's very durable, but as others have said quite heavy, but the harness can be adjusted so well I don't notice it.
I would describe the back as a sort of 'solid' spongy mesh with a big air channel up the spine.
I noticed Cotswold were selling it for £80, which is a lot less than I paid in NZ
02/05/2006 at 19:06
Thanks for all your help.

I've finally plumped for the Osprey - I've tried it on and the mesh back would probably be more suitable for the tropics.

Oh, and it aldo has these handy little pockets on the hip belt for my lip salves and stuf...I'm SUCH a girl :-)
02/05/2006 at 19:29
It's worth knowing that Rock Bottom in Grasmere are selling Macpac Tekapo 45+'s for £50. They were still in stock as of the 1st May. Very comfy and seemingly bombproof.
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