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Driclime - why is it so noisy?

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27/03/2011 at 18:38

Ok, I've got the marmot catalyst, and I think its a great jacket - it weighs nothing and I can throw it into my pack and forget about it, but if I need it, it will block the wind and insulate me... and yet somehow it also seems to cool me down if its warm and windy... ???

Anyway, I like the jacket, driclime is a great material and almost magical in what it does, i like the fit of the jacket, although it is possible a bit big around the waist, I'm not sure about the colour (two tone blue) but I can live with it for the benefits the jacket gives me......but....

... it rustles, constantly, when I'm wearing it.  Its not loud and its not too obtrusive, but its constant, and it gets on my nerves after a while.

Anyone else have the same problem?  Is it just the catalyst or does the windshirt rustle too?

Is there anything similar to driclime that doesn't rustle that I could look at instead?

27/03/2011 at 18:55

I'm unfamiliar with the Catalyst, but a quick search suggests that it's very similar to the two DriClime windshirts I have.

There isn't an easy answer here, because both of my shirts, bought at different times, appear to be made of very different materials. One is certainly "swishier" than the other, but even the linings seem to differ. I've encountered comments on American boards that Marmot may make changes based on material price and availability, as it looks as though I'm far from alone in detecting the alterations.

That said, both of my shirts work very well indeed, as you have found with yours. The newer of the two is perhaps a little more prone to snagging and the lining is more like an extremely thin fleece than a micro-pile, but although it may be slightly quieter than the older shirt they are both fairly noisy. All of the smooth windshirts I've seen are similarly noisy (some of them are far, far worse) and you may find that only something a bit less wind-resistant, such as a Páramo Parameta S shirt, will be entirely quiet.

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28/03/2011 at 11:21
Cheers Jon, I guess its one of those things I will learn to live with, I'm sure the main noise is where the inner and outer faces meet (its like rubbing your sleeve against paper), they just do not slide easily over each other, and perhaps that's why they are so good at wicking and the rustling noise is a price you have to pay for the other qualities of the jacket - oh well, here's hoping another designer can come up with a quieter alternative at some point.
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