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07/07/2002 at 18:35
I can't find a stockist for these on the 'net. can anyone help? Is anyone using one ? What's your opinion of it?
07/07/2002 at 19:57
Depends which one. Himalaya Multifuel, or Himalaya Omnifuel. Omnifule is the newer one which burns diesel as well. It burn like hell! I've got the Omni, but have sold a few Mulit's in my time. They're cheaper, and if the diesel aint neccesary then they're fine. The Omni is just a little bit better.

They're better than MSR IMHO as they have the self bleed mechanism, which is simply turning the bottle over. They're heavier, but seem more robust than MSR. But I think MSR bottles are better, but they can't be used. However their biggest advantage is being able to use gas canisters! They have the best heat-burning-ratio thingy.

basically they're great, and whichever you get, you'll get quality. However I don't know where you can get it online. Best thing is to check the list of loads of shops on the left.

Field and Trek
Expedition Equipment
CMM Online
Cotswold Outdoor
Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports
Snow + Rock
YHA Adventure Shops
Singers Outdoors

One of them must have it.
07/07/2002 at 22:30
I manage an outdoors shop in Chester, we do the Himalayer Multifuel for £79.95 (Omnifuel: £99.95, Varifuel: £64.95) plus a couple of quid P&P. Email me anytime
07/07/2002 at 23:32
Try going to and phoning a few of their stores as they were selling off Primus kit up to 50% off as Karrimor stores now deal with Go-Gas instead. The local karrimor store was selling The Omnifuel for £50!!!!!! True but this was in March/April, although some stores still have stocks. Try they have Primus Varifuel for £35 if you give em a call!!!!!!
08/07/2002 at 09:19
Glyn....Where abouts in chester, ive only found F&T, and EB so far
08/07/2002 at 10:27
I seem to remember Tiso stocks them as well (if you are in Scotland!)
08/07/2002 at 12:16
Ben, I've mailed you the Name, Address and Phone number.
08/07/2002 at 12:23
I'd put the name of the shop etc on here but would that get me in trouble??? PS we do special rates for D of E etc :-)
08/07/2002 at 22:52
Glyn. The person in (some sort of) charge of CMMonline made an entire thread for his website. I'm sure that Jon won't mind you telling us who you are! It could've just been a random stranger who found a half decent shop with discounts galore wanting to tell the whole world about it. It just so happenns that you manage the shop too!

It's fine. I advertise Malvern outdoors more than i should, but that's cos there've been some pretty hard times (as I'm sure you are aware) recently! But hey! Give it a go.
09/07/2002 at 21:50
Ok, I'm at 'Great Outdoors', Northgate Street, Chester (01244 340641), feel free to give me a call, we stock most major brands and do group discounts etc... blimey, hark at me!
10/07/2002 at 11:18
Glyn, the only thing I'd say is that we do have commerical partners who pay to have a presence on OUTDOORSmagic and without that and similar commercial deals, there wouldn't be a site. That said, in cases like this, I don't think there's any problem with you responding to a thread like this, it's all just a question of common sense really.

I've used the Primus Himalaya Multifuel btw and my take is that for expedition use, I'd still prefer an MSR XGK - the needle jet makes it easier to clean and it's massively well proven. I wasn't that impressed with the Primus's burner performance using gas so if I thought I might be in a position to burn the stuff, I'd chuck in an ultralight stove like the Pocket Rocket as a stand-by option.

I'm not saying that the Primus isn't a good stove btw - it's good kit - just not my personal preferred option for serious use. XGKs burn diesel too - nasty, filthy, smelly process necessitating lots of cleaning afterwards, my advice is to give Derv a miss if at all possible.

OutdoorsMagic Reviews Editor | 

10/07/2002 at 20:23
Thanks Jon, I certainly didnt intend advertising in any shape or form. I did in fact speak on the phone to the owner of this thread and more or less said similar to yourself, ie. avoiding diesel at all costs, and advised that for UK packpacking, camping etc maybe a simple gas stove might be a more reasonable option. In fact I even think I put him off the Multifuel!
10/07/2002 at 20:25
...not that it isnt a great stove (£79.95 +p&p) :-)
14/07/2002 at 19:48
If you are staying in the UK get a primus easy fuel- bombproof, and easier to use than petroleum based fuels.
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