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Has anybody been?

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31/08/2006 at 16:16
I'm after a down jacket for this winter, and as always trying to save money.

Has anybody been to the Rab outlet in Alfreton, and waht sort of bargains are there?

31/08/2006 at 16:33
As far as I know rab havent got a factory shop? The actual factory is at Alfreton, but when I've been I didnt see a shop. However Terra Nova do have a factory outlet which is near Alfreton.
31/08/2006 at 20:22
I've never heard of a factory shop for terra nova, in fact their web site states;

"All products are fully checked in our Derbyshire factory before being offered for sale and are only available from this website."

I've been to their Alfreton office to collect spares before but the factory shop isn't ecclesbourne park, perhaps they have another site? I imagine you could collect a tent bought via the web site (or in practice maybe inspect it first too)
31/08/2006 at 23:15
Look stop teasing me.

Have Rab got a factory shop or not and if they have can some one please supply my with th address. post code, directions, grid reference, multi map link, e mail. phone number and opening times.

If they have no factory shop then PLEASE stop being so cruel getting my hopes up like that.

01/09/2006 at 07:48
No they haven't.

I think.
01/09/2006 at 08:08
Is this the factory shop for Terra Nova?


Ex-Demonstration, End of Lines, Seconds and Used tents from Terra Nova's range of high quality, lightweight backpacking and expedition tents.

01/09/2006 at 10:40
Adam, send me an email I might be able to help you out.


01/09/2006 at 11:23
That sounds very secretive James.
Is there a secret Rab club that you have to be invited into to be told the location of a discount store somewhere deep in a cave under Alfreton?
01/09/2006 at 12:06
Hi Matt, no secrets and no enlightenment I am afraid. But, somewhere deep in Surrey is a stock room full of Rab gear and I have some lurvely down jackets coming very soon.

Actually, I do have one secret for you all but you will have to email me for that one ;o) It might be worth it though.

Have fun.
04/09/2006 at 19:45
A mate sent me the following today:

>From: Rob Eadon [mailto:<withheld>]
>Sent: 31 August 2006 16:04
>To: ***
>Subject: FW: Rab Clearance Event

>Dear ***
>I am writing to invite you to a Rab factory clearance event. The sale is
>being held in the Imperial rooms, Imperial road, Matlock on the 16th of
>September 2006. Please see attached leaflet for more details.
>Please feel free to forward this information and attached leaflet to any
>other party you feel may be interested in this event.
>Thank you for your time,
>Rob Eadon
>Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd.
04/09/2006 at 21:40
any chance you could email me the attached flyer?!
05/09/2006 at 11:09
Sounds like the sort of thing PAramo do occasionally.

Grrr, you lot are making me really curious. I already have 6 down jackets!
06/09/2006 at 08:41
Sorry, I don't have the leaflet; it wasn't forwarded to me as it was too big...

Maybe ring Equip?
09/09/2006 at 23:47
Did anyone get more info about the factory clearance event? Is it just Saturday 16th or through the weekend? What time does it open? Got my eye on the Baltoro Lite/Guide, anybody have one of these and got any feedback?
10/09/2006 at 12:09
The flyer says 9am-3pm Sat 16th, Samples and Factory Seconds up to 75% off. Drop me an email if you'd like me to forward the flyer onto you.
10/09/2006 at 21:55
Bob, thanks for the times, don't really need the flyer ta!
17/09/2006 at 17:11
Well the clearance sale was a scrum, as you'd expect, with numbers in the sale room limited from about 9.15, but some good deals to be had. Rumour from one of the guys at Rab is that there may be another sale on December 16th, again at Matlock Imperial Rooms.
17/09/2006 at 18:31
It was a great sale. I couldn't belive the prices.
18/09/2006 at 08:44
I couldnt believe how busy it was! I got in about 9.10am, my girlfriend got there about 10 mins later, and then had to queue 30 mins to get in! I managed to get the last neutrino endurance for £80 (rrp £200) and a VR trail jacket for £40 (rrp £100). Anyone else net a bargain?
18/09/2006 at 10:35
I got a neutrino extreme jacket. £80 RRp £260 and a Rab Ladakh 1000 for £120
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