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19/02/2012 at 21:02
I was out in my new Rohan bags and Hilltop jacket in some really foul rain and hail - they worked a treat. My lower legs were saturated in seconds but half a mile after the rain stopped (it did, fortunately!) they were bone dry again; I call that pretty good. the Hilltop jacket was very good, the hood works for me, no rain down the neck and I could see out without staring at my feet all the time; my bum stayed dry and the water just ran straight off ... and not down my boots either! I think I might have become a Rohan convert ... at lea\st to bags and the jacket
19/02/2012 at 22:13
I agree with your assessment of the Hilltop jacket, I have used one on long distance treks in Scotland, and have been impressed by how they kept my top dry - and Yes, the hood is very good. However although long, it stops above the knee, so water cascades off the jacket onto the lower legs - and saturates trousers quickly, as you found. I think you have to wear waterproof trousers with the Hilltop. For myself, I do not like Rohan bags in rain, they get wet and being polycotton stay wet and very uncomfortable, there is no warmth in the material - and I find they take a lot longer than half an hour to dry!
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