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Whatever happened to MOAC Walking boots.

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12/04/2007 at 18:04
I currently use a pair of MOAC leather walking boots, they have not let me down once in 8-9 years. Does anyone know what happened to MOAC footwear. I did look recently for a like for like replacement but with NO success.
12/04/2007 at 19:14
They seem to have gone bust.

Trailspace have an address, phone number etc. you could try those to see if you get any response.
12/04/2007 at 20:50
big shame, my wifes worn a pair for years and she absolutly adores them. luckily there's plenty of miles left in them. shes tried other boots on but nothing comes close to her beloved moacs!
I don't know what she'll do when a replacement is heeded.
22/08/2007 at 17:20

If my MOAC Easy Track boots are anything to go by, they deserved to go bust. No more than six years old, worn only four or five times a year, I was out on a hike last weekend when the sole of one boot disintegrated. The layer of high density foam sandwiched between the sole proper and the boots upper had simple turned to dust like a three hundred year old brick, unfortunately without the compresive strength. Once I had limped back to my car and could inspect the boots, I could see that the other sole was about to do the same thing.

Were the company still a going concern I would be demanding recompense.

Due to the method of construction there is not even the possibility of having them repair. 

17/11/2007 at 08:24
I agree with ben houghton above. I bought a pair of MOAC boots (model Mounty Trek) and exactly the same thing happened to me. Bought about 6 years ago and only worn about 6 times. Tops of boots in perfect condition but foam bondage of soles disintegrated and the sandwich sole fell away in chunks. It all came to notice within a single walk. If a claim is possible I will show my appreciation for any info.
26/05/2008 at 00:33
Well I am very disappointed that MOAC no longer exist. I have a pair of well hammered WTC boots which have served me well for about 15 years. They sadly need replacing and I have been trying boots since last November! I have returned about 6 pairs of various makes after wearing them at home for a bit but they all end up hurting my feet. Nothing seems as comfortable as my MOACs.
17/09/2008 at 11:36
I wore my (green leather!) MOAC boots for the first time in four years on a slow stroll around the local bird sanctuary (~3 miles).  By the time I'd got back to the car park BOTH soles had parted company from the uppers, exactly as described by Ben Houghton.  Very upsetting, especially as they'd been little worn in the past ten years.
17/09/2008 at 12:10

Well, a pal of mine bought a pair of Koflach Ultras years ago for an expedition that never happened, and having discovered them in the loft took them along for our NW trip at new year.  Where, much to general amusement of all around, the outers completely disintegrated within a few hundred meters.

So, does that mean Koflach can't make boots, or the Ultra was a lemon?  Since they've summited most (all?) of the world's major peaks and so dominated the early plastic mountaineering boot market that people referred to platics generally as "Koflachs" that's clearly not the case.  It might be the case that they were bonded with adhesives that don't react well to sitting in storage for years in a manner that couldn't have been forseen when originally chosen and was not trumpeted by whoever who made it, in which case Koflach wouldn't really be to blame.

And I would suggest perhaps MOAC shouldn't be condemned on the basis of the above either...

As to what to do since they can't be directly replaced: if the uppers are okay get them resoled, if the boot as a whole has died then try on lots of alternatives to see what the next best thing for your feet are.  And/or consider moving away from boots, joining the ever expanding number of folk who've discovered you don't need big, stiff and heavy footwear to go hillwalking, and that the lighter stuff tends to be much more comfortable.



09/11/2008 at 17:47

I absolutely love my Moac boots, I have had them for at least 7 years and do loads of walking, please do not condemn them. I have walked all over the world and yet they do just as well in UK. I would love another pair and if anyone can find them for me i would still buy them. I first bought them when in Exeter and wore them for the first time on a 20 mile walk and didn't want to take them off. I love them.


10/11/2008 at 00:28
Welcome to the forum there, Sandra.
11/11/2008 at 10:55

 I got some moacs from a charity shop for a fiver, got them resoled for £25,

  new boots broken in by someone else.....total  = £30

                              I love them!

06/12/2008 at 21:32
I have had my MOAC boots for at least 10 years (leather purist that I am) and never had a wet foot or the inlking of a blister. My last long distance walk was the Tongaririo Crossing in New Zealand in March 2oo8 over punishing volcanic terrain, having completed several serious tramps in the six weeks I was over there. A small degree of parting occured on one of the toecaps between the body and the sole - not enought to stop using them, but enough to worry about. I would dearly like to replace them with another pair, bit not a single brand today comes up their quality, personal preferance and specification. Maybe I'll see if my local shoe repairer can fix it. I am loath to pay in excess of £100 for what may turn out to be an inferior product. Any suggestions will be seriously considered.
10/02/2009 at 21:30
My beautiful green moac soles  have also disintigrated this weekend as I was clearing the snow from the drive. When I took them to Blacks where I origianlly bought them, they said they'd never heard of Moac and without a receipt, I really didn't have 'a leg' ( or two!) to stand on. So I took them to the local cobbler who quoted 30 pounds to repair them but also said that this was a common to all walking boots that had cushioning within the sole. When it gets wet and is stored for some time, it will rot. He said that in time, they would go again and recommended buying a new pair altogeather -  which is fine but I don't have the money and I don't see any green walking boots on the market!
11/02/2009 at 01:58
Adrian, and Heather, welcome to the OM forum!
11/02/2009 at 01:59
For best results you likely should send them to a more specialist outdoors footwear repairers perhaps. Hopefully someone here can remind us all of a few that are good to use.
11/02/2009 at 13:18
I forgot to mention this morning, that the adverts for such specialist outdoors boot repairers usually appear in the back pages of the popular outdoors press, like magazines such as Trail, TGO, Country Walking etc. All available at major newsagents like WHSmith. If you go to the back sections of the magazines, in the smaller adverts there, is the most likely place for finding such advertisements from the spacialist boot repairs folks.
14/02/2009 at 11:20
Same for me. Green MOACs fell appart at the soles while clearing snow from the drive ... hardly worn since new. Who can be called to account? Is MOACs insurance indemnity still active? Any ideas?
01/03/2009 at 19:03
My wife and myself have both had a pair of moac's since we bought them at poolie bridge 9 years ago and they have been fantastic boots and still going strong.
09/03/2009 at 15:23
I recently sent my walking boots to Craggs Shoe Repairs - they have an online website - they re-soled my boots and they're great.
22/07/2009 at 22:53
My Moacs recently crumbled away at the sides - the rubbery seal between the leather and the sole disintegrated, revealing that the sole was crumbling away from the leather. That'll teach me to walk through snow and road salt in them. As the leather was starting to crack I had to dump them. For anyone else looking for a replacement that fits like them, I tried various different makes and models, but all were uncomfortable if not painful. The good news is that when I tried a pair of Mountainlife Atlas boots on in Mountain Warehouse I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. They're just the same shape as the Moacs I had, and just as comfortable! Like wearing Ecco shoes, only boots. No, I don't work for MW or have shares in them!
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