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11/10/2005 at 06:48
I have just been struggling with baskets on Field and Trek's website - oddly enough they dont offer a print off of the transaction - which as I am trying to spend £370 on a Nallo GT is worrying - no option to specify colour either - who wants a bright red tent? still lets give them a chance - has anyone else had a problem with them?

Andrew Ashley
11/10/2005 at 08:38
Don't bother with F&T. I found a link on their site the other day for a £200 waterproof being advertised as £19.99--so obviously I ordered it quickly in the hope they'd actually sell me one. Guess what? It was a typo and the order was cancelled.

Their website is pretty unstable if you ask me!
11/10/2005 at 11:13
Hi folks,

Andrew - I believe that a colleague of mine at Field & Trek has sent you a reply to the e-mail you sent in to us. I hope that we are able to help you get the matter resolved ASAP and are sorry to hear that you were having problems with the website.

All feedback about Field & Trek is taken very seriously by Field & Trek, whether it be over the phone, email or these message boards!

If anyone does have any problems with ordering via the Field & Trek website you are more than welcome to contact me on james.little@removeforspam.fieldandtrek.co.uk (take out the removeforspam.).

Thanks for your time.
James Little
Internet Marketing Manager
Field & Trek Plc, Langdale House, Sable Way, Laindon, Essex, SS15 6SR
11/10/2005 at 11:16
Told you dude. They're watching.
11/10/2005 at 11:44
Good, if they are watching, "they" may like to know that it is MOST irritating that when things are out of stock, the system still lets you order them without telling you they are out of stock! So if you want sthg urgently, you don't find out it's out of stock until you get an email a day or so after ordering, and even then, you get no indication of when it will actually be sent! It's THE most irritating thing about F&T, so please, please stop it!
11/10/2005 at 11:48
Yes, that is very annoying.

Also, what annoys me is being sent copious offers of a certain percentage off my next order (I know that sounds odd) only to find that the things I might consider buying have already been reduced by something daft like a fiver and then don't qualify for the percentage discount.

And another thing! Why can't we put gold card vouchers into the web thingy? It's really tedious having to send them off to get your money back after you've placed your order.
11/10/2005 at 11:49
I *knew* I shouldn't have posted that message about the coat! :-)
11/10/2005 at 12:03
Those were some quick replies – maybe I should organise a questions and answers session? ;)

In regard to the out of stock problem, we completely understand and agree that it is something we need to rectify – the ideal scenario would be to have more problems in stock so that there are no delays in getting products sent across.

We have however made some changes to our website in the mean time which should help you all in making a decision about purchasing something from us. You can see an example of this at the following page:


As you can see, a message now displays to inform the potential buyer that the product specified is not currently in stock, but due in soon. We hope this will go some way in keeping potential customers informed and go some way in making sure that everyone has the best possible experience via our website.

Alex – I believe that you would have been contacted about the coat, and I can assure you that errors like this are not a regular problem on our website – it was unfortunately a mistake when the problem was keyed in to our system and it’s extremely unfortunate that we were unable to do that price – we would have MUCH preferred to have done so rather than upsetting our customers in a very competitive industry.

Cath – in regards to the gold card situation – this is another thing we are looking to improve due to the customer feedback that we have received – it’s something that will take a while to do but hopefully when the changes happen early next year you will see a big improvement to the overall gold card structure, including the facility to use these vouchers online.

I hope that has gone some way in answering some of the constructive comments that some of you may have any if you have anymore grumbles please feel free to post them on here or contact me directly.

Thanks again
11/10/2005 at 12:05
Oops, any = and in the last sentence of that last post. Is there no way to edit posts?
11/10/2005 at 12:06
They're watching.

<cue spooky music>
11/10/2005 at 12:09
Sorry James,

we did plan on having a facility for editing posts, but unfortunately the code is out of stock ;-)
11/10/2005 at 12:12

I don't think you need any more PROBLEMS in stock (3rd line of your response).

The stock checking thing has been an issue for a long time now and is one of the reasons I no longer use F&T. I've been caught out in the past by ordering something and only finding out 3/4 days later that it's not in stock. Too late to order it from elsewhere if you're after it in a hurry.

11/10/2005 at 12:15
Thanks James - nice to see a supplier listening to feedback from customers.

On the plus side, the F&T shop in Ambleside gave fantastic service when I was in there last month, the assistant guy who helped me out was a credit to the company.
11/10/2005 at 12:29
I confess I've only used the on-line ordering once, but had no real problems. Only one item fitted, but they dealt with the refund on the other reasonably quickly.

What most annoys me is that both the shops and the on-line shop don't carry a full size range. Why can't I buy Craghoppers tops in XXL? - the XL is smaller than most manufacturers.
11/10/2005 at 12:39
Well, to try and balance it out a bit more, ordered some gear last week, got exactly what I wanted and it was on special offer too so that saved me £50. Big thumbs up.
Even better, everything arrived in time - unfortunately it was the day I was taken sick and had to cancel my trip so a package of shiny gear just rubbed salt into the wounds.

Of course, I would much rather have bought it from my local store but you've now closed the Birmingham branch so I guess Blacks & Snow&Rock will be getting my trade as I tend to be more of an impulse buyer.
11/10/2005 at 13:15
i find it scary that the Internet Marketing Manager can't type his email address.
11/10/2005 at 13:56
Hi Parky,

The “removeforspam” is purely to stop my e-mail address from getting even more e-mails about winning the lottery! Spammers generally have “bots” that scan though webpages and extract e-mail addresses to send spam e-mails too. I try and make it a rule when visiting forums to put in a “removeforspam” to stop this from happening – I still seem to win the lottery every day though – maybe I am just lucky!


Sorry to hear that you no longer shop with Field & Trek due to the stock issue - hopefully some of the things we have recently implemented will help you reconsider in the future.


Thank you for the feedback – we try and stock all sizes for our items and I have passed on your feedback to our buying team – I hope that you see an improvement on this issue in the future.

Thanks all,

11/10/2005 at 17:43
I've been waiting for around 9 months for someone to phone me back or email me about a kimmlite Pumasillo, in fact if I ever do get a call, it'll be an OMM Pumasillo for winter '07.
The name change thing...
Anyway, I did an goods exchange earlier this year at F&T for a faulty item from an online order, and as I requested the new item was unpacked and inspected for the same fault before it was sent.
That I liked.
Outdoor kit web shopping lacks a lot compared to bike stuff, chainreactioncycles.com and wiggle.co.uk are great examples of what is possible.
And, discounts wouldn't go amiss either.
11/10/2005 at 18:07
Also, following on from the stock moans, I hate it when I order something that is said to be in stock and, because I need it fairly quickly, I fork out for, say, 48 hour delivery. Unfortunately, it take the 48 hours for an email to be sent to tell me that the item is out of stock! Worse still, they still charge for 48 hour delivery when the package is eventually dispatched over a week later! Very cheeky.

Btw, postal charges for F+T are quite steep, IMHO.
11/10/2005 at 18:10
Hi Nick,

We are now stating if a product is not in stock, or not showing the product at all, so if the order is urgent this should no longer cause an issue.
If you do have anymore problems or want to check on stock for an urgent order you are more than welcome to drop me an email and i'll check it out for you though.

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