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17/03/2001 at 18:53
Hi to all those people bored because of foot and mouth. Why not go to
and play on our alcoholic beverage game. If there is any one out there with any good ideas of what to do I would like to here them.

21/03/2001 at 13:34
i have taken to bouldering down by our local railway bridge, although i'm not near the actual line and pose no danger to any1 i have been asked to refrain from this activity for the benefit of the community.
21/03/2001 at 13:38
Just wondering, who exactly told you, and what is the 'benefit to the community' of you not bouldering? Sounds nuts to me.

OutdoorsMagic Reviews Editor | 

21/03/2001 at 14:08
A member of the local constabulary informed me that i was possing a threat to the community as it was dangerous and reckless to others, i could of been a source of distraction to by passers etc.

it is nuts but then the worlds a bit like that, and it makes it interesting.
21/03/2001 at 19:50
I am Bored, although i have just been given a place on a Rotary Youth Leadership Coourse in the summer Its to long to wait, I think i might try bouldering on bridges or should I call it Bridgering. Hows it going Jon, done anything exciting.
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