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25/06/2003 at 20:53
I was speaking to a boyo this evening and they call, according to my source, all fizzy drinks POP!!!

As we have a fairly broad representation of the UK POPulation on this forum, I was wondering what you all call fizzy drinks...
25/06/2003 at 21:01
Pop works perfectly well up here in Mancland.

I remember my dad called water "corporation pop". So there you go.
25/06/2003 at 21:11
25/06/2003 at 21:18
Whatever happened to the 'pop van'?
You could get 3 bottles of watery pop for about 20p delivered to your doorstep :)

Alpine and Corona are brands that spring to mind.
25/06/2003 at 21:39
Panda Pop!!!!!

25/06/2003 at 22:00
I'm (just about) old enough to remember pop in stone jars. Dandilion & Burdock was me fav.

The good old days! (Or the stone age?)
25/06/2003 at 22:03
Top Deck shandy, lager and lime. all at 1.2% dead hard drinking that stuff
25/06/2003 at 22:04
Remember when as a kid you'd gloat over the words 'with real beer' on a can of Top Deck Shandy?

25/06/2003 at 22:36
Top Deck? Smop Deck!

There can be only one...Shandy Bass!

(BTW it's POP!)
25/06/2003 at 23:26

Though my mother always called it 'mineral water' / minerals which I believe used to be the name on old fashioned menus. That confused the hell out of me cos she'd ask me if I wanted some mineral water and I'd presume she had some Evian in.....
26/06/2003 at 08:40
26/06/2003 at 08:49
26/06/2003 at 08:55
mega mega white thing
26/06/2003 at 08:58

and, shandy bass......ahh the sweet taste of juvenile decadence....
26/06/2003 at 09:00
NOT Shandy bass - that's for Southern Softies...Top Deck!
26/06/2003 at 09:06
Grr........the Shandy Bass crew's gonna 'av the Poop Deck crew on the corner at 4.30.......

i'm regressing, stay calm, deep breaths....
26/06/2003 at 09:08
Wasn't there a Top Deck Lager and Lime for the ladies?
26/06/2003 at 09:48
Well I don't know any ladies who drink L & L, only men....in the pub that is...it used to be lager and black when I was young before I grew out of my sweet tooth.

Easier to order in public than Cherry Brandy LOL (unless you are Prince Charles that is, who famously was caught in a pub under age ordering Cherry Brandy) I'd have that that alone was enough to get the publican's suspicions up!
26/06/2003 at 10:39
Does anyone remember 'QUATTRO' from the 80's?

It was kind of a mix, pineapple, orange, lemon etc. plus lots of unknown chemicals, as well as plenty of fizz.

It came in a white can with a futuristic looking logo on the front.

God, I loved that stuff!
26/06/2003 at 11:26
Quattro was ace.

Fizzy drinks are called fizzy drinks!

We kind of referred to it by name. Orange-ade (sp) Cola, Lemonade etc etc.

Cream Soda...Hmm.....

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