trying to make youtube slideshow but get blurry pics

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26/02/2012 at 10:09

hi. not sure which forum to post this in but...

have been trying to load a short film on youtube or vimeo of my walking and climbing pics. i have tried windows movie maker and photostage. but pics always look out of focus on preview and once on youtube.

my pics look in perfect focus whilst viewing slideshows on windows live photo gallery and on the small screen of the movie makers but somthing happens in between?

my computer works with windows xp.

whats going on? does anyone else use other programmes?



27/02/2012 at 13:13

> whats going on?

Possibly due to resolution downsizing when converting to video.  Never having posted a YouTube video... but it may well be that the video output is something like 640x480 pixels, which might look a little 'blurry' if you're comparing with, say, a 12mpixel original (6x larger resolution in each axis).

Then there's the video bit rate/quality factor setting; if you set this too low, the video will be very blocky.

27/02/2012 at 14:23

hi captain,

so....bear with me.... do i increase the pixel thing or reduce it. it is a 12mpix camera.?

27/02/2012 at 18:38

I'm afraid I don't know what 'rules' YouTube impose (if any) on image quality (and therefore file size).  It may be that they're reducing the bit rate once you've posted the video (but if your 'preview' is on your local machine, and still blurry, this probably rules out YouTube tinkering).

If you could point me at one of your 'blurry' YouTube videos, I'd probably be able to tell you what the fault is.

640x480 pixels should give a resonable, old skool TV quality picture (basically, it's the quality you'll get on an NTSC TV, vs 768x576 on a PAL TV).  So, whilst you'd expect to get some 'softening' of the picture due to the reduction in number of pixels, it shouldn't really be 'blurry'.

My guess is that it's the bit rate setting for the video conversion; look at the settings in your slide-to-video conversion tool.

27/02/2012 at 20:37

thanks captain, i'll give that a go. but i've also found this site - 'slideshow 7 for youtube'

this seems to convert automatically, as it's probably been made by themselves. i don't think that they let you add short vids though so i'll come back to your suggestion.

thanks, dan.

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