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05/03/2012 at 07:19
The day started dull & overcast but according to the forecast was due to brighten around midday so we were in no hurry to make a move. However around 09:00hrs I got a phone call asking if we could be available for the afternoon school run if needed. Answering in the affirmative meant a change of plans and an earlier start to do this short walk. I didn't want to do too much anyway as with the recent weather I find I am really struggling at the moment. Even the very gentlest of inclines means a stop every 50 paces or so to catch my breath. Anyway to the walk......A straightforward walk up and down the Knott and as promised the weather did brighten giving us good views.
Pictures from the walk are now available to view on the website for those wishing to do so.
06/03/2012 at 07:29
A couple of pictures....more on website.

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