Arc’teryx In New Bourne Film - Video

£520 Alpha SV jacket features in a big new film release

Posted: 17 August 2012
by Nikalas Cook

If you’re a CIA agent, apparently Arc’teryx is your brand of choice and their Alpha SV jacket (RRP £520) features in both the new Bourne Legacy film and this trailer.

The Bourne Press Machine says:

"Worn by Jason Bourne (Jeremy Renner) in many of the action scenes; Arc’teryx also provided one of their top athletes, the renowned ice climber Will Gadd, as Bourne’s stunt double.

"So whether you’re chasing baddies or summiting Mont Blanc, the Alpha SV (RRP £520) should be top of your kit list."

Before any Bourne Anoraks (see what I’ve done there) start messaging in, your geeky and sometimes pedantic editor Jon Doran has beaten you to the punch.

"Except that Jeremy Renner doesn't play Jason Bourne, he's some other CIA brainwashed, drug-fuelled, über assassin, but he wears Arc'teryx apparently."

Anyway, watch the trailer here, spot the jacket and hopefully we’ll get a review sample soon and can go out and bag some bad guys ...

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Rrp is £500, amazing when you think this jkt has increased by £100 in the past 2 years when it's barely changed
1g heavier and a soft face fabric for £100. Would be interested to Hear the reasons to explain £100 rise
Mine was £399 from Ellis brigham with a 20% discount so £320 paid was a good price for a good jkt but £500
Sheets for a mostly unchanged jkt I'm sure most folk are smart enuf to recognise when there been Rinsed

Posted: 17/08/2012 at 14:28

A few reasons I think? Stuff like China getting more expensive in the first place and the point devaluing.

It's happened to most outdoors stuff over the past few years.

Certainly the price isn't stupidly out of line vs many other top line pro shell jackets. Now I'd call the price of all those fairly silly, but some people must pay it..... Dead bird do some scarier things

Posted: 17/08/2012 at 14:40

 not so bad for a top Alpine Climbing / Ice Climbing jacket. the gloves are "cheap" too


complete waste for walking in... 

Posted: 17/08/2012 at 15:14

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