Podsacs Sold To Bike Brand Planet-X

Iconic Sheffield climbing pack brand sold by Equip to bike specialists.

Posted: 25 October 2013
by Jon

We've just had this in from Equip, the company behind Rab, Lowe Alpine and outdoordesigns. In a nutshell, they've reached an agreement to sell Podsacs, the iconic, hardcore, Sheffield pack brand to cycling retail brand, Planet X.

Reading between the lines, Equip never managed to expand Podsacs into a big-market pack brand and to emphasise that, Rab announced its own pack range this summer, which is due to launch in spring 2014. Pod has always had a reputation for building bombproof climbing packs for people in Sheffield, but the good news is that it's staying in the city and hopefully will expand and move on.

We wonder if there's some interesting bike-packing kit in Pod's future...

Here are the full statements from Equip and Planet X for those who are interested:

Equip Outdoor Technologies sell Podsacs

Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd (owners of Rab® and Lowe Alpine) has reached an agreement to sell the Podsacs brand to Planet X Limited in a deal that was concluded on 23rd October 2013.   

Equip acquired the Podsacs brand in 2007 from founder Pete O’Donovan and expanded the collection from packs and bouldering mats to include a successful range of accessories.    

The sale of Podsacs is the final move in a process that will see the Equip group now focus on its two major international brands, Rab® and Lowe Alpine.  

New Podsacs owner Planet X Limited will make a separate statement regarding their future plans for the brand.  The final deliveries of stocks from Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd have been completed last week.

Planet X

Podsacs stays in Sheffield with Planet X Limited.

Founded in Sheffield by Pete O’Donovan in the early ‘80’s, Podsacs today moves to new owners, the online cycling retail giant Planet X Limited, of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

Planet X are the fastest growing UK bike company, with a strong retail heritage of over twenty five years. Employing over 100 staff in their South Yorkshire headquarters they design, manufacture and assemble high performance road and mountain bikes and componentry from £500-£5000, retailing to a global market over the internet and in their destination stores.

Podsacs joins Planet X’s existing brands, On-One, Titus, Holdsworth, Sab, Tomac and Viner.

Acquired from Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd (owners of Rab and Lowe Alpine), Planet X are set to take the product on to new heights, with the team of designers, factories and athletes intact and in place. 

CEO David Hanney said “It’s fantastic to be in a position to take a classic brand like Podsacs on to the next level, and the systems we have developed at Planet X will allow us to make those differences.”

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The RAB pack range was, I suppose, pretty well inevitable. While they kept outdoor designs/integral designs etc alive they've also created parallel RAB ranges. Brand name value seems enormous now.

Selling the Sheffield bit of POD back to a Sheffield based company does seem like a rather positive move for its long term health.

Posted: 25/10/2013 at 16:24

with clothing I always saw rab as similar to Montane. Always thought they'd move to packs too like Montane did. Thatwould have meant Equip had 3 sack brands. Now it's back down to LA and Rab sacks. Wonder how different they'll be. Podsacs are bombproof. Rab and LA sacks I'd expect are more lightweight. Are Equip now missing a more durable sack.range?

Posted: 01/11/2013 at 21:16

Tall PC wrote (see)
.... Podsacs are bombproof. Rab and LA sacks I'd expect are more lightweight. Are Equip now missing a more durable sack.range?

Not necessarily. I've got / had 4 POD sacs and 6 from Lowe Alpine. Although the PODs undoubtedly have a heavy-duty feel and an aura of indestructibility (they all pre-date the sale of POD to Equip), in practice I'm not sure that the LAs are any less durable.Three of my LAs use a dyneema-based fabric very similar to the stuff used for my Black Ice (the newest of my PODs, the others are in Cordura). The LA stitching and construction is first rate, and the designs are well thought out.

TBH although I still think the Black Ice is a brilliant sac, and a bit iconic, it doesn't see all that much use incomparison with 2 or 3 of the LAs, all of which manage to be about 500g lighter but carry a reasonable load, say up to 15kg, just as comfortably. (I did once stick 25kg into the Black Ice but I'm not sure I'd like to try that with the LAs. Then again they're all 35 to 50 litre packs rather than LAs big load luggers.)

Posted: 01/11/2013 at 22:21

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