Super Efficient Jompy Water Pasteuriser Launches

Ingenious stove-top device allows you to purify water and cook at the same time.

Posted: 12 March 2012
by Jon

Interesting and potentially life-saving gadget from Scottish inventor David Osborne called the Jompy, which is a rapid, simple, lightweight water heating and pasteurising device, which allows you to both sterilise water and cook on a stove simultaneously.

The Jompy is a flat disc formed from a spiral of lightweight pipe, which sits on top of a burner and feeds water from a reservoir over the heat before disgorging it into a container. The guys behind it say that it heats water up to 85˚C, produces that water 'in seconds' and could use up to 60% less gas than boiling the water in a saucepan. And the design of the Jompy means that you can still cook on the stove while you're pasteurising water. 

The device also has a flow control, so you can slow down or speed up the water production depending on how hot you want the water to be.

Three Sizes

The largest of the three sizes available with produce a litre of hot water every 45 seconds and weighs 605g, the mid-sized Jompy weights 450g, while the mini-sized one weighs a mere 60g and can produce 330 litres of hot water every 90 seconds, water you could use to re-constitute dehydrated meals for example.

The prime motivation behind the invention is to save lives in the developing world, where contaminated water is responsible for millions of deaths through waterborne diseases and where its simplicity and robustness make it highly useable way of killing bacteria. 

We've asked the guys behind the device to clarify what contamination the Jompy is effective against, though as we understand it, bringing water up to a temperature of 85˚C should kill both bacteria and things like giardia cysts - boiling is recommended generally, not because it's strictly necessary, but as a sort of failsafe - if the water's boiling, it's definitely well above the crucial 85˚C mark.

Outdoor Use

With the smallest Jompy weighing just 60g, it looks like an ingenious and fuel-efficient way of purifying water on the go. The larger sizes should be ideal for basecamp or large group use too. And in lightweight mode, you can use a hydration system reservoir as a water source, though  you'd then need to sterilise it before using for drinking, so maybe carry a spare, specifically for contaminated water eh.

Buy One, Send One To Kenya Free

The multi-page press release that the Jompy guys sent us in pdf form implies that for each Jompy sold, one will also be sent free of charge to Kenya. If that's definite, it's genius and a brilliant thing and we're waiting for confirmation that that's actually the case in practice once the Jompy is available for sale later this month - 'mid-March' says the release.

Prices are as follows: Large Jompy - £59.90. Midi Jompy - £54.90. Mini Jompy - £49.90 

You can find more information at where you choose either to buy in advance for delivery after 15 March and get a 20% discount or simply leave your contact details to express an interest. 

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