Rab's New Spring 2011 Kit

Soft shell, wind tops and a bargain soft-shell top at a 'pick-up price'.

Posted: 17 March 2011
by Jon

Neil Mcadie
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Neil Macadie - Rab Marketing Supremo

Slightly re-jigged for spring 2011 with new cycling legs in production, long-suffering marketing supremo, Neil, dreads our arrival at Rab's showrooms, knowing our innate ability to take appalling photographs of even the suavest of models. 

Despite this, year after year, Neil patiently fields our inane questions, poses for our photos, and provides slap-up lunches, tea and coffee on demand as well bulk-buy bargain pastrami. Available only in a male option, Neil's design is unique to Rab and a closely-guarded secret.

We'd like to thank Neil for putting up with us and displaying endless patience. One of our better shots, erm, maybe.

More Rab information at www.rab.uk.com

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Im linking the look of the Blue Cirrus Wind Top with the red vips!!
Dose anyone know where/when i can get my hands on one?

Posted: 18/03/2011 at 12:41

James Cotswold Outdoor seem to be one of the first retailers to have the new Rab items in stock.  I purchased a Boreas Pull On from them recently and they also have the Cirrus Wind Top.  They have also recently launched a "explore more" card which is a kind of loyality card that gives a 10% discount may be worth looking into.  Cotswold also give 10% discount on all orders to Ramblers members and the shop I purchased my top from gave me 15% off for being a YHA member.

Posted: 18/03/2011 at 12:55

Checking RABs website, you won't Think that must be a rogue picture of the alpine jacket, which is still a windshirt style thing but a bit heavier and rather more featured. The hood cords are a bit of a give away I think.

(I think the previous picture should have been repeated instead?)

Oh, if anyone has a cirrus pull on and is after the wind top then be slightly careful about the cut - its seemingly somewhat different (substantially shorter arms on me when tried in Cotswolds.). Logical I guess because one is for walkers and the other runners etc. 

Oh a couple of questions:

Do they have any comparative/ball park figures on roughly how windproof the boreas fabric is? We were wondering on another thread.

Oh and why is the nimbus so much heavier than the Montanes lite speed? It looks to have the same fabric(? a heavier version?) and a very similar feature set but rather heavier. Thats been confusing me for a bit.

Posted: 18/03/2011 at 13:00

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