Alpkit Filo's Big Brother Launched

The latest addition to the Alpkit range is the new Fantom jacket, designed to keep us toasty and warm when winter finally puts in an appearance...

Posted: 10 January 2007
by Susan

The latest addition to the Alpkit range is the new Fantom jacket, designed to keep us toasty and warm when winter finally puts in an appearance. It joins the existing Filet and Filo as a warmer, more technical, member of the down jacket family.

Alpkit Fantom

Alpkit tell us it's "as comfortable on a slushy belay ledge as it is on a snow covered balcony overlooking Courmayeur", and if we could find any slush - or indeed a ticket to Courmayeur - we'd let you know if they're right. The spec sounds promising though ...

The most obvious difference between the Fantom and the previous Filo is the addition of a wired hood, which isn't detachable. It should be large enough to wear over a helmet, but there's a volume adjuster so you can wear it whilst huddling round a camp fire or waiting for a delayed bus as well.

Down Jacket Range

Other features include microfleece-lined handwarmer pockets high on the chest, so you can access them with a harness or rucksack on, and a large internal drying pocket.

The insulation is 320g of 700+ fill power Chinese goose down, and although Eastern European down is normally considered the best on the market, 700+ fill power is still pretty warm, and fantastic for the price. That's £100 including VAT and delivery - order on the Alpkit website.

Just one thing to note: the stitch-through construction means there are needle-holes in the fabric, so it isn't waterproof (and you might get the odd cold spot around the stitching, where the down's migrated away from it, as well). In other words, don't leave your hard shell behind, because wet down isn't happy down:-)

Colour is 'retro red', if you're feeling, erm, retro. Weight is 680g for a medium (available sizes are S, M, L and XL).

More information from Alpkit's website.

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So, anyone tried it yet?

I was very excited when I found it pre-announced on the CoLab section. The problem is my girlfriend doesn't like the colour, and now the Filo (which I had thought about buying) seems lame without the hood and toasty handwarmer pockets.

Posted: 15/01/2007 at 20:40

What's wrong with red? I got a red runt filo last year and it was a lovely colour. Your girlfriend will be able to spot you more easily in the crowd.

Posted: 15/01/2007 at 21:58

Well I quite like the look of the Fantom... but only when they bring out a black/blue version.

Posted: 15/01/2007 at 23:12

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