Brunton's Hydrogen-powered Reactor Charger

New Brunton Reactor uses hydrogen canisters to generate electricity in the field.

Posted: 2 August 2013
by Jon

The Brunton Reactor unit with Hydrogen core screwed into position (bottom left)
And the rechargeable Core - each is equivalent to around 15AA batteries and costs £4 to recharge.

One of the more unusual bits of gear we saw at the recent OutDoor trade show in Germany was Brunton's Hydrogen Reactor, a cunning bit of kit that mixes hyddrogen and oxygen to produce electricity to power devices like smartphones and GPS units.

We weren't the only ones who thought it was a clever bit of kit either, the Reactor also landed a Gold Award at the show. 

Hydrogen Cores

It works like this: the basic Reactor unit comes with two removable Hydrogen core cylinders which screw into place. Once installed, they release Hydrogen which reacts with Oxygen from the atmosphere to generate electricity. The output is 2 amps at 5 volts, and there's enough, says Brunton, to recharge an iPhone fully five to six times.

Each Hydrogen core is the equivalent of 15+ AA batteries and there's an Optimiser button on top of the Reactor which senses the needs of your device and manages the power output accordingly. 

Recharge At The Shop

The good bit is that the cores are rechargeable at a cost of £4 per cell. You simply need to pop along to a shop with a Brunton Hydroliser  which extracts Hydrogen from ordinary water and produces Oxygen as a by-product. Significantly cheaper, says Brunton, than 15 AA batteries.

Environmentally Friendly

The big plus is that the Reactor is environmentally safe, uses no toxic chemicals and produces no waste product as it generate electricity. And unlike solar chargers, it doesn't need bright sunshine to work making it a more reliable option in areas like the UK where you can't always rely on good weather.

The Reactor is set to launch in November 2013 and will retail for £130 including two Hydrogen cells. You'll also be able to purchase additional cells at £12.50 apiece. Recharging will be £4 per cell.

Weight is 136g for the unit alone, or 216g with a core installed, which - using a process of mental arithmatic - suggests that the cores weigh 80 grammes each. You also get a choice of colours - black, yellow or orange - and a 'no quibble, life-time guarantee' dubbed 'UProof.

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