GPS Tracker For Cats And Dogs Launches

G-PAWS GPS tracker lets you track your pet when it's out of sight or off the lead - map my cat...

Posted: 22 March 2013
by Jon

Tiny 15g G-PAWS unit hooks up to your computer via a USB cable.
So much for a cat's privacy eh?
Oh, that's where you were last night...

Curious about where your marauding moggy gets to in the early hours or the morning? Or wondering just how much ground bonzo covers when he's off the lead? A new pet-specific GPS data recorder called G-PAWS means you can find out then shatter the little critter's privacy by sharing the information with other pets... Mean huh?

G-PAWS is a tiny (15g) device that you attach to your pet's collar and contains a multi-channel GPS receiver allowing it to record a tracklog of where your pet goes. Once he's home, simply hook it up to your computer using a USB lead and download the track before, if you choose, sharing via the G-PAWS Facebook page.

Genius. Not only can you invade your cat's privacy and spy on his regular hunting missions, but you could use it to see how much ground your frisky hound covers when off the lead - a sight more than you do we reckon - or even make sure that 'professional dog walker' is putting in the promised miles.

Map My Cat...

To get an idea of the results, have a gander at where you can check out the meanderings of G-PAWS inventor Dave Evan's own bundle of fur, Yollo.

“For too long we have been kept in the dark about the secret lives of our cats'", says Dave. "At last we will know what they get up to, what ‘second homes’ they have, how far they travel and where their favourite hang-outs are."

Weatherproof Case

Each G-Paws unit (SRP £50) comes with two weatherproof cases made from flexible silicone rubber, one for a slim fit cat collar and one for a thicker dog collar. The case can be fitted and left on the pet’s collar allowing the GPS unit to be attached and detached when needed. The G- Paws unit is charged via a supplied USB cable and the data is transferred via this cable directly to the website. 

G-PAWS is available from May onwards, but in the mean time you can register for further information at and follow Yollo's regular excursions at .

We've got a test G-PAWS unit on the way and OM test dog, Harris the Hungarian Vizla will be putting it through its paces on the hill shortly. Harris is a completely independent and unalligned reviewer and we're looking forward to getting his feedback. We'll sort out a feline tester as well. 

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I want one, am always fascinated to know where Dexter goes all day when he's outside, and more importantly, where he is when he's escaped moments before we're supposed to be going away!

Posted: 22/03/2013 at 14:16

he's usually off to get some pussy company im guessing

Posted: 22/03/2013 at 14:53

Well, it might make a useful GPS data logger for non-feline users...

Would be nice to see some more information without having to register. Battery life, storage interval, store size, etc.

Posted: 22/03/2013 at 15:25

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