Gregory Packs 2010 Scoop!

Ventilated packs that do away with the mesh back system.

Posted: 21 July 2009
by Jon

We've been quietly impressed with the Gregory Packs we've used over the past couple of years and for 2010, the company has made some significant improvements to its Z-Series packs by completely eliminating mesh from the back system..

Previously the Z-Packs used a mesh-type trampoline to hold the pack away from the user's back, but for next year, Gregory has stuck with the ventilated principle, but without the mesh which tends, they say, to press clothing against the back and make things sticky.

Gregory Jetstream LTS back system

The new Jetstream LTS back system uses a curved plate and alloy frame which combined with strategically-placed pads, creates an air gap between pack and back - above. That makes a lot of sense  - mesh is more solid than you might think, a fair bit of it is mesh rather than holes...

Gregory Jetstream LTS back system

In addition to the air gap back, there's also a neat three-way adjustable hip-belt that incorporates three different sizes in one belt with the adjustment being made by a Velcro and pocket design.

Gregory Jetstream LTS back system

There are new Z45 men's packs and Z40 women's version with new side pockets, side access zip and big stretch pocket on the front and in total there are seven packs in the series from 35 to 65 litres in both men's and women's versions.

New All Mountain Packs

Also new from Gregory is a range of Fusion LTS all-round mountain packs from 30-45 litres aimed at walkers, climbers and mountain backpackers. They're designed to be close-fitting with good access for easy use.

Gregory all mountain internal plate

The Fusion LTS back system is a simple internal frame sheet, which can be stripped out to save weight for summit pushes, if that's your thing. The 3D harness and hip-belt are designed to work well even without the frame sheet, partly thanks to the Wraptor stablising system which attaches the bottom of the harness into the lumbar area at two points, and the packs have both side and top access so you can choose. which way to reach your sarnies...

Gregory 2010 all mountain pack

All the packs mentioned above will be available in early 2010. More about Gregory at

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huzzah! someone has finally seen the light about mesh backs.

Posted: 21/07/2009 at 18:02

Lowe Alpine did something similar a couple of years back, then dropped it again... It does make a certain amount of sense.

Posted: 22/07/2009 at 12:14

i hope it sticks this time. i'm fairly convinced that "mesh backs" have entered into the  realm of "received wisdom" with the customer like "goretex lining".

i complained about the mesh back to hugo youngman (some people are so lucky to meet me!!!!). he pointed out that unlike some other packs, the mesh on their current range (well the Z55) isn't part of the pack structure and can be cut off if you don't like it.

Posted: 22/07/2009 at 13:30

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