Gregory Packs '09 Sneak Peek

We check out Gregory's new packs, due in the shops next February.

Posted: 11 December 2008
by Jon

We've just had a scoop audience with what's new from Gregory Packs for spring 2009 and we thought you might like a quick look at their completely revamped 'Active Trail' range.

The Active Trail sacs are aimed at the good old 'fast mover' category, so runners, mountain bikers, orienteers - runners with maps in other words - and fast-moving lightweight walkers. The idea is that they should sit stably on your back without swaying around, stay comfortable and crucially, not restrict your mobility.

Gregory stretch straps

Stretch straps promise extra mobility even when cinched down

The packs come in four capacities - 18 litres, 12 litres, 8 litres and 6 litres - and in both men's and women's versions in each size. The stand-out feature is that both the shoulder straps and the hip-belt have built in stretch both to improve fit and allow for movement while wearing the pack. They should, for example, eliminate the process where pack belts shuffle up over the hips with the motion of running.

Gregory Pack Miwok

The new packs look a lot nicer than the existing Reactor model as well, though they borrow some of its pluses, sitting nice and low, for example. Lots of nice features include a zipped opening in the back panel for easy access to the hydration bladder, an internal compression system operated by a simple pull cord, two compartments and a fleece-lined top pocket for, say, a phone or MP3 player.

Gregory Packs Miwok

There's also hydration tube neatness, with a Velcro fastened guide that you can rip on and off for ease of drinking, mesh belt-pockets and side stuff things plus an expandable back pocket that uses a zipped gusset to give extra capacity when needed.

The women's versions, as you'd expect, have a slightly shorter back length, a harness that's more closely spaced and some neat little internal compartments where you could stow small things that you don'tw an to lose in the bottom of your pack.

Gregry Packs Maya

The fabric is light with a nice soft feel, though overall the packs aren't super lightweight, they're not heavy either - the 18-litre Miwok in the pictures, which has taken up residence here - weighs a genuine 710 grammes.

Prices range from £40 for the 6-litre Diablo through to £60 for the Miwok and its pinker female equivalent, the Maya - that'll eb the pink one above. The new packs are available early next next year and we'll be using a couple between now and then, so full report to follow.

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