Just In - Bergans Of Norway Humle Jacket

Unusual hooded wool-based fleece from Bergans of Norway hits the ground complete with interesting hooped pattern styling.

Posted: 15 April 2013
by Jon

Striped styling, hood and casual looks but a functional, close fit.
Thumb-loops and a drop-tail too.
We're a little unconvinced by the hood-cords' giant boot-lace looks.

Newly arrived, the Bergans of Norway Humle Jacket looks a bit different with its distinctive banded-hoop styling and is a bit different thanks to a mid-layer fabric that's based on wool mixed with synthetics.

To be precise it's  45% Wool/36% Polyester/16% Polyamide and 3% Other Fibers according to the Bergans web site, though the label inside our Humle says the garment is 75% virgin wool and 25% polyester and needs to be washed like wool. We'll see if we can get to the bottom on that one.

What strikes you first though, is the styling. It's a hooded, medium-length jacket with a bit of a drop-tail and hand-warmer pockets with a banded pattern in two colour, green and grey in the case of our test jacket.

We quite like the slightly fashiony look, though we're not totally convinced by the giant shoe-lace cords that give the hood a sort of token adjustability. That said, it'd be easy enough to either replace them with something a little more discrete or just bin them altogether. They don't do much for hood fit anyway and really need some cord-grips added if you want real adjustability.

The styling may look extravantly non technical, but the fit is actually pretty good, close and fitted and medium long in the body. And you get thumb-loops built into the cuffs as well.

As for the fabric, well, it's not light - the jacket weighs a substantial 580g, which is a lot more than an equivalent, fully-synthetic fleece - but it feels pleasantly warm with a soft, brushed inner face. Bergans says it can be used either alone or as a wool-based alternative to a synthetic fleece and, like Merino, provides good insulation 'even when wet'.

So far we'd say we like the looks, we're not sure about the performance - outdoor casual, technical or semi-technical? - and we're not sure what's going on with the wool/synthetic ratio or if some users are likely to find the wool component of the fabric itchy against the skin. So far it's felt okay to us.

More with a bit of use, the Humle retails for £120 and is available in both men's and women's versions and in various colour options all of them striped.

More details at www.bergans.com

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