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Outdoors-friendly wet meals and a Day Ration Pack from Beyond The Beaten Track.

Posted: 22 March 2013
by Jon

Wet meals come in sealed foil packs and can be reheated or, if you really must, eaten cold.
One Day Ration Pack is based on the 12-hour British Army ration pack. There's also a larger 24-hour version.
Contents are comprehensive. You're paying for convenience and ease of use rather than weight saving though.

'Easy Outdoors Food' is the tag-line on the Beyond The Beaten Track packaging and that just about sums it up. We've two 'wet' meals plus a complete, military-style, One Day Ration Pack all emblazoned with the Duke of Edinburgh award recommended kit logo.

The great thing about so-called 'wet food' - Wayfayrer is probably the best know option - is that it comes pre-cooked in foil sachets and you simply reheat it either in a pan of boiling water, which you can then use for a brew or directly in a pan or mess-tin.

The downsides are that, particularly for multi-day stuff, it's relatively heavy - our Vegetarian Sausage and Tomato Breakfast (£4.00) weighs 325g and the Chocolate Pudding in Chocolate Sauce (£4.00) 220g - compared to dry food and it's not cheap. You can though, eat it cold if you really have to...

Day Ration Pack

The Day Ration Pack is something a bit different, though the concept will be familiar to anyone who's used military ration packs. It's a 1430g cardboard box packed with pretty much everything you might need to consume during a day on the hill. It's based on the 12-hour ration pack supplied to the British Army by Vesty Foods, the name behind BTBT.

'Everything' in this case includes a 'Pork sausage and beans in tomato sauce' wet breakfast, a 'chicken yellow curry and rice' main meal and an 'apple turnover dessert' which account for around half the total at 755g all in. On top of that there's a whole raft of other stuff including tea-bags, instant cofffee, tissues, anti-bacterial wipes, a Yorkie Bar - that ain't going to last long round here... - fruit and oats snack bar, Polo mints, fruit and nut mix, boiled sweets and even a sachet of electrolyte drink mix.

Oh, and you can lose 140g instantly by ditching the box and carrying the contents in a big zip-lock bag which is included taking weight down to a lighter, but still hefty 1260g.

Obviously lightweight freaks are going to have a proper tantrum over that sort of grammage and you wouldn't want to try carrying a weeks worth of these without a handy yak or burro to help you out, but really the pack is about convenience.

No need to collate a whole raft of snack and meals and work out how much you need, it's mostly all here with a minimum of 3000 calories and a shelf-life of two years, so you could always keep one in the cupboard.

The Price Of Convenience

Think £12 for a day ration pack - there are vegetarian and halal versions available too - or you opt for the heftier still 24-hour ration pack with added lunch and an additional 1000 calories for £20.04. Or go large with a ten-person pack weighing 24kg and costing £86.20, though you'll need some cooking facilities to unleash its 50,000 calories...

Overall it's about convenience above anything else. You could put together a lighter, cheaper alternative yourself, but if you don't have the time or inclination to do that, then a ration pack is an effective if slightly heavy alternative.

We'll be endeavouring to taste taste some of the contents in the near future - the Yorkie has already bitten the dust - more information at www.beyondthebeatentrack.co.uk.

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