New Lightweight Stove From Primus

New remote cartridge stove tips the scales at under 200 grammes.

Posted: 15 February 2010
by Jon

New from Primus is an ultra-lightweight remote cartridge stove, the ExpressSpider with a claimed weight of just under 200 grammes.

Primus ExpressSpider

It packs small - fitting into the palm of your hand - but says Primus, is still stable enough to cope with large pans, one of the failings of lighweight, cartridge-top stoves. A low centre of gravity is designed to keep the stove stable and minimise spillage risk in use.

On top of that, the stove includes a pre-heating tube for winter use, so fuel is definitely in gas form before it reaches the burner, so there's no danger of flare-ups. You can even invert the canister to improve flow when necessary.

Primus ExpressSpiderburner

Construction is from stainless steel and brass and the burner is the tried and tested design from Primuses cartridge-mounted ExpressStove. To put things in perspective, that weighs 82 grammes while the new ExpressSpider tips the scales at 198 grammes, so you're looking at a weight penalty of just over 100 grammes for the tripod and steel flex hose, though boiling times given are slightly slower for the remote stove.

You can use the stove with Primus' effective EtaPower pots which include a heat exchanger and work really well.

The new stove is in the shops imminently and retails for £42.

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