No More Raichle Boots

Swiss brand disappears from the shelves this month, but there's a twist in the tail...

Posted: 16 March 2009
by Jon

It's goodbye to Raichle boots this spring, but don't panic if you're a fan, the Swiss brand has simply been re-badged as 'Mammut' to match up with its parent company, so from this month - March 2009 - anything that was previously Raichle is now Mammut and will carry the famous mammoth logo.

Mammut boot badge

The good news is that the underlying footwear and the expertise of Raichle, which has been making footwear for around 100 years, will remain unchanged, so other than a new badge you can still find familiar model names like the impressive Mount Trail GTX - below- a sturdy. three-season walking boot, which has won several awards. It's just called the Mammut Mount Trail GTX instead.

Mammut Mount Trail GTX

More Mammut information - technical clothing, ropes, packs, boots and more at

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I take it Mammut will do a new for old swap for those of us loyal customers who have Raichle boots but would really like a mammoth on ours too?.....

Posted: 17/03/2009 at 09:03

I've had 3 different pairs of raichle footwear and 3 times have been v disappointed by the build quality and the durability. Never again.
Mtn hike - fell apart on GR20
Scout - soles wore down in record time despite not much use
G3 shoes - all the plasticy bits cracked and the stitching came lose after 3 months

There does seem to be two camps with Raichle - camp1 (love 'em cos they're comfy) or camp2 (had 'em and they fall apart)
I think it could be that some are made in romania and some are made in china. 
Has anyone else noticed this?

Posted: 17/03/2009 at 13:17

Know where you are coming from!

Really comfortable boots but build quality seems to be lacking! I broke a pair trying them on in the shop and my pair looked battle scarred beyond their age after a few months.

Posted: 17/03/2009 at 13:22

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