Osprey Exos Evaluation - Testing Begins

Five lucky OMers are trying out Osprey's super lightweight Exos pack, see what they think of it so far.

Posted: 8 December 2008
by Jon

Our User Evalutation of Osprey's new superlightweight Exos 46 pack is now well underway and you can read exactly what the lucky testers make of the pack right now before it's even available in the shops.

Osprey Exos 46

The five lucky winners have all now received their brand new packs and after putting down some initial impressions are starting to use them for real in the outdoors, which is what it's all about.

So what do they make of it so far?

'Top quality materials'

'Although very light, the bag does not look flimsy and although the compression straps are incredibly thin, they look as though they will do the job.  Top quality materials I think.' Says Paul Cummings, who was also pleased to find the big hip pockets.

'So many different pockets'

Tommy Martin likes the storage options too: 'I'm enjoying having so many different pockets to keep stuff in. Nice to be able to get at most things with out having to unload most other things. I particularly like the stretchy bit on the back for stuffing a jacket into.'

He's also been thinking about the ultra thin webbing:

'The tiny buckles and straps seem a bit odd at first, but seeing how well they work has started me thinking that these things on my previous packs must have been seriously over-specified. I don't know what the breaking strain of an inch wide webbing is, but I'm fairly sure it's more than I need on a rucksack.'

'Lack of weight'

'What amazed me even before I opened the box the pack came in was the lack of weight! Says Lairdo who's also well impressed with the walking pole storage system.

There's lots more besides with the testers starting to get out with the packs for real. We have an OM test Exos as well, but for now, we're keeping our cards close to our chest because we don't want to influence any opinions.

You can find out how the testers are getting along on this forum thread.

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My 2009 New Years Resolution: Shed some weight.

The exos looks to be a fine pack and will be a nice upgrade from my 5lb+ 2002 Gregory Forester. Thanks for all the great content outdoormagic.



Posted: 10/12/2008 at 15:02

Eat my shorts Rocky, Trev, Diddy, Paulb

Welcome Stephen.... so how did you get your paws on one of them then?

Posted: 10/12/2008 at 15:08

I just snagged an image off-line and did some work to it. I wish I had my paws on one. I've heard several conflicting release dates for the pack. My local outfitter called Osprey and he was told mid-january. Backpackinglite.com says "spring 2009".

Posted: 10/12/2008 at 15:11

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