Primus 's New Lightweight Stove Combo

Two-person titanium stove and pan set tips scales at under 200 grammes.

Posted: 16 October 2008
by Jon

There's set to be a new contender duking it out in the lightweight stove stakes from early 2009 with master Scandinavian boilers Primus announcing the launch of the TiLite Set stove and pot combo.

The set is a combination of a lightweight but powerful canister-top stove - yes, another one - with a 0.9-litre titanium cooking pot. The combined weight of the two, says Primus, is a very respectable 198 grammes.

It goes beyond that though with the pan having been designed to accommodate not only the stove, but also a 230 gramme gas canister for neat and compact stowage in your pack.

There's also piezo electric ignition for user-friendly lighting duties and the decent-sized pan with handle should make it useable for two people at a pinch.

Other vital statistics are dimensions of 120 x 95mm and a claimed output of 4000 watts, enough to boil a litre of water in three minutes.

More about Primus at
Primus TiLite cookset

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A Coleman F1 and an MSR titanium kettle that I've been using for 5 weighs about the same as this. Don't forget it's the unglamorous gas bottle that's the heavy bit!

In fact if you look closely at the primus site you will see that the 230 gramme canister contains that amount of gas but canister and gas combined weight 390g i.e. about twice the weight of the pot and stove combined.

By a weird coincidence, last night I weighted the following items from my two person catering set: Coleman F1 stove, MSR Ti kettle, Alpkit MytiPot, 2 x alpkit Tifoon, plastic lighter, cut down dish washing sponge, Primus Powergas 100 cartridge, small Nalgene container of cooking oil and a strap to keep the whole lot inside the Mytipot. Weight was 650g, which I think is a real world useful weight.

Tip: by the way it's good practice to weigh a totally full and a totally empty fuel bottle of the size you normally use on your kitchen scales so you have a good idea of how much you have left. It's probably more accurate than giving the canister a shake in your hand!

Posted: 16/10/2008 at 16:43

Very interesting, good post here LT!

Posted: 17/10/2008 at 05:53

I have the primus express stove so does that mean I just have to get the primus pan to make up the 198g kit? Why would I buy the pan when you can get something similar for cheaper form other makes? It has no heat exchanger or windshield like the eta express so isn't it just a stove and Ti pot combination like any other?

Oh and try to get the pan and windshield for the eta express separately to go with the already owned stove. So far I have only seen the pan separately in one gear shop.

Crux looks good but I would go for the lite one as it doesn' fold. I am wary of the original crux folding stoves as I wonder if it is a weakness or a failure point. Still, I had one of the early ultra light stoves, a Coleman, and it's weakness was the support arms. they tended to go from the 90degrees cross to something closer to the saltayre  when you lift the pot back on to it (that's the Scottish flag I think being just a Sassanach). Made for interesting pot balancing.

Gas stoves are certainly getting more interesting these days. Still waiting for an UL liquid stove as I have a good source of kerosene (free if you keep it quiet).

Posted: 17/10/2008 at 11:02

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