Rab Launches eVENT Jacket With Two Main Zips, Eh?

In the shops from 1 August, Rab is using the impressively breathable eVENT fabric in a jacket design which has twin water-resistant main zips...

Posted: 28 July 2003
by Jon

If you're on the ball, you'll know that Lowe Alpine is introducing eVENT fabrics next month and you'll also know that we reckon it's the most breathable waterproof material we've used.

But what if you want an eVENT jacket, but don't want to buy Lowe? One answer will be in the shops from 1 August in the form of Rab's Latok Jacket and Pants, both constructed from eVENT 3-layer Storm fabric. The 240-quid, 595-gramme jacket is a simple, stripped-down climbing jacket with stretch Cordura reinforcement patches, articulated sleeves and a full helmet hood.

The most distinctive feature though is a double front zip, yep, two water-resistant main zips, one in front of the other. If that sounds mad, here's the thinking behind it. Rab reasoned that even a water-resistant zip needs to be backed with a flap and for maximum effectiveness, it needs to be Velcro-fastened. Using a second zip as a back-up is actually lighter they say.

They also point out that you don't have to fasten both zips, generally using just one will be enough to do the job. The pant flies get a double-zip configuration too, the idea is to totally seal the crotch area from water squeezed out when abseiling on wet ropes.

There's also a one-piece Latok suit again with double zip. And if you don't want to buy Rab? Montane has a £175 eVENT jacket out in early 2004, which looks like a veritable bargain - more elsewhere - and if you're into beige, then Craghoppers are making a travel-orientated waterproof from the same fabric, again it'll be out early next year.

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