Reiter Travellunch Quick Taste

We check out Reiter's super convenient, lightweight, freeze-dried camping meals.

Posted: 20 August 2009
by Jon

Reiter Travellunch Camping Food - Quick Taste

Reiter Travllunch

Price: £3.50 (mousse) / £4.25 (pasta)

Weight: 118  grammes (chocolate mousse) 148 grammes (Vegetable Pasta Siciliana)

Features:  Lightweight, freeze-dried camping food in a pouch, ingredients courced from most recent harvest, high energy values, vegetarian options, wide range of menus.

What's It For?

Travellunch is aimed squarely at lightweight backpackers, campers and adventure racers. It's been formulated to be light, convenient to use - no pans needed - and quick and easy to reconstitute. Reiter say they have been created to 'offer the right balance of energy and carbs'.

The Techy Bits

Produced in Germany, Travellunch meals are freeze dried to preserve as much taste and texture as possible and the ingredients come from 'recent harvests' with a wide choice of menus from pasta like we tried, via bacon and fried potatoes, through to mousse au chocolat, which we also sampled.

Reiter Travllunch

The food can be reconstituted in the foil pouch then eaten straight from it, which means there's no need to carry multiple pots, just a lightweight camp kettle or pan to boil enough water to mix with the food, so you save weight twice over.

How It Performed

Previous experience of dried camping food meant that we approached the Travellunch with some trepidation, sneaking up on it armed with some serious preconceptions. Fortunately they mostly proved to be groundless.

First the Sicilian pasta- preparation is simple. Tear open the pouch, fill with around a pint of boiling water, mix up and leave to stand for ten minutes. Easy. The result was a concoction of chopped up spaghetti in a creamy sauce mixed with olives and vegetable pieces and it was actually very palatable.

Reiter Travllunch

Not in the cordon bleu restaurant standard, but quite acceptable and the olives, which had actually retained their olive taste and texture, gave the whole thing a lift and we ate it, voluntarily. It was slightly salty, but then olives generally are and as Reiter points out, when you've been working hard, you do need to top up your electrolytes.

According to the packet, there are about 500 calories in the 125 grammes of dried food and while the ingredients include hydrogenated vegetable fat and modified starch, there aren't any visible e-numbers. And the big bonus is that you cook in and eat from the foil pouch, saving a lot of hassle - not least, no washing up needed.

Reiter Travellunch

Next up was the mousse-au-chocolat. Mix in 100ml of cold water thoroughly and leave to stand, then simply eat. The mousse was a bit of a revelation to be honest and would have gone down great on a hard mountaineering trip. It's smooth, rich and chocolatey with added small bits of crunchy chocolate adding texture and interest and a scary 500 calories or so.

It really would be a bit of a treat on the hill, though the ingredients list includes hydrogenated vegetable fat, modified starch and thickening agent (E401, E412) which will either concern you or not. You could of course just take a simple choccy bar instead, but there's something faintly decadent about a mousse, even one eaten out of a pouch, oh, about 500 calories from the 100g of dried mousse.

Initial Verdict

Not cheap, but very light and very convenient with a decent calorie count if you've been working hard. It's also quite palatable, not in the fresh food class, but a lot better than most dried and reconstituted stuff we've tried and the olives, for example, did keep that distinctive olive taste and texture.

Buy for lightweight convenient dining on the hill with half reasonable taste.

  Very convenient, lightweight, quick and pretty edible with it. Vegetarian options.

  Mousse packs E numbers and hydrogenated vegetable fat.

Travllunch web site

Know more or want to?

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Just had an email from "Look what we have found" Seems they are targeting the outdoor market big time.

Also offering heat pouches at special price.

Not connected - but love their food.

Bob Andrews

Posted: 21/08/2009 at 18:27

i use reiter dried meals on my hikes and apart from the chileconcarne and the disgusting bacon and spuds they are great , the chocholate mouse  is realy tasty , hot pot is second to none and chicken noodles is good too , even though i dont like noodles ( but that one is good ),

the roast spuds and fried bacon has to be smelled to be believed , it smells of a rotting corpse and i couldnt even put it in my mouth, the chileconcarne would be good if it wasnt for the beans being so hard ( like bits of granite )and all the red oil that covers it,

overall they are good light weight meals and i would recomend them to anyone on a long hike 

Posted: 02/09/2009 at 00:28

Waitrose stock them t! Cheers for the heads up post there Bob!

Posted: 02/09/2009 at 06:48

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