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Our man Gear, Richard Gear has been hard at work answering your questions about square-toed approach shoes, why walking trousers are hard to find for the long legged and first aid kit ingredients.

Posted: 7 November 2006
by Jon

It's Tuesday again and our man Gear, Richard Gear, has been hard at work answering your questions and racking his brain over the meaning of moisture vapour transfer rates, the importance of underfoot fit and other pressing matters of gear philosophy.

So far Richard has answered over 500 of your questions and you can find all his past answers together with a shonky search mechanism at the Ask Richard Gear section of the site.

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This week Richard struggles with crucial issues like the availability of square-toed approach shoes, the plight of people with long legs and what ingredients make a lightweight first aid kit for walkers.

Q: 'Are there any brands/models of approach shoes that have particularly square toes? Everything seems to be designed for people whose feet come to a point in the middle...?'

A: 'The name is Gear, Richard 'Feet Like Shovels' Gear, well, not really, but I find fake empathy often goes down well...Anyway, when it comes to square-toed approach shoes, one brand springs immediately to mind and that's....'
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Q: 'What should be in a lightweight First Aid kit for the year-round walker/rambler? The last one I looked at in an outdoor shop seemed like a one man rescue kit, I just need to carry the basics?'

A: 'The name is Gear, Richard 'First Aid' Gear and I'll start by stressing that regardless of what you're carrying, it's essential that you have some basic first aid knowledge - there's no point whatsoever in carrying kit if you don't know how to use it. If you're out a lot and want to be confident that you know what to do in an emergency, consider taking a mountain or general first aid course...'
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Q: 'Why don't gear shops sell walking trousers with a longer leg length like clothes shops? My Rohan Uplanders are excellent pants but only have a 33" leg length. Being 6'5" with a slim build I don't have problems except with walking pants?'

A: 'The bad news is that in the outdoors at least, long-legged people are the victims of economics. Outdoor clothing brands are in business to sell products and unfortunately for you, most people have average-length legs. In the fashion market the sheer volume of trousers being made means that it's viable to produce thousands more in a longer leg length. Unfortunately the same isn't true in the outdoors '
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Check out the full Ask Richard Gear section of the site for a searchable archive of all Richard's past answers, some of which make sense, or ask a question of your own...

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