Smartwool's New Compression Running Sock

New graduated compression socks are claimed to speed up the recovery process.

Posted: 22 April 2013
by Jon

Socks are 14" high so they can compress the calf muscles using zoned areas and are claimed to improve recovery.
The unusual Calf Sleeve version.

There's plenty of recovery-enhancing compression clothing out there, but pretty much all of it is synthetic, which makes Smartwool's new merino wool-based Graduated Compression Socks and Calf Sleeves somewhat different.

Better Recovery

The theory behind compression clothing, socks and tights is that they promote recovery by holding muscles in place while helping to maintain blood flow which in turn flushes out waste products left after strenuous exercise and helps to minimise delayed post exercise muscular soreness and minimises swelling.

As tends to be the way with sports science, there are studies showing compression clothing to be effective and others suggesting that it's simply a placebo, but what is indisputably the case is that a large number of top athletes use it and that, subjectively, it does feel reassuringly supportive after a hard run or bike outing.

PHD Technology

The new Smartwool PhD Run Graduated Compression socks come in Ultra Light and Light weight and Calf Sleeve designs and include SmartWool’s performance enhancing 4 Degree Elite Fit System. They also use the new highly wear-resistant  ReliaWool Technology, which really impressed us when we reviewed Smartwool's PHD Outdoor socks recently.

The end result is a long sock with zoned compression areas - some are tighter than others - plus the excellent PHD chassis, which includes strategic cushioning and mesh ventilation zones as well as the elastic-based fit system and ReliaWool technology. The socks are 50% merino wool, 45% Nylon and 5% Elastane.

Prices seem to be around £28.50 for the Ultra Light socks and £35 for the Light version of the sock. More Smartwool information at

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