Use Campingaz Canisters With Threaded Stoves

Edeldrid adaptor allows use of puncture-style gas cartridges with screw-on stove fittings.

Posted: 23 July 2012
by Jon

Compact Edelrid adaptor allows you to use non-threaded Bluet/Campingaz cartridges with threaded stove fittings.

It's not totally unique, but Edelrid's neat little Puncture Cartridge Adapter, is a clever solution for travellers in some regions who find it impossible to source screw-threaded gas canisters to fit their stoves.

The Puncture Cartridge Adapter allows you to take the readily available Bleuet/Campingaz puncture valve stove and use it with a screw-thread stove fitting. It's simple to use too; simply sit the adaptor on top of the canister, secure its legs ito the base of the gas canister with a rubber ring and then screw the top downwards until it pierces the top of the canister.

You can then screw your stove or connector tube directly onto the adaptor and the canister will remeain sealed as long as it's in place. The folding legs mean that it's compact enough to stow easily, says Edelrid, and claimed weight is 140g with a retail price of £18.

The other alternative is the GoSystem Travel Pak, which works well enough, but is relatively bulky and, at 275g, a fair bit heavier than the Edelrid version.

Definitely worth considering if you're off the continent and taking a threaded gas stove with you.

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