Yeti Sleeping Bags Hit The UK

Impressive specs from these hand-made German-manufactured down sleeping bags.

Posted: 19 February 2010
by Jon

One thing that never ceases to astonish us is the sheer number of brands we've never heard of but are plainly producing excellent quality kit and now there's another one, Yeti, which specialises in down sleeping bags and sleeping mats.

The background of the company is in the Far East where it's been around for decades, but it was recently bought by Nordisk. The bags are now handmade in Germany and fill power ratings are European.

The brand's now being imported into the UK by the people behind OMM and Vasque in this country - we had a sneak preview of some of their bags the other week and were very impressed. In particular, we were bowled over by the super lightweight, reddot design award-winning Passion One bag.

Yeti Passion One

It's a beautifully-made bit of kit using 100 grammes of 900 fill-power, hypoallergenic, harvested 97/3 Crystal Down. The total filling of 125g is housed in a shell made from super-lightweight Toray LightyGram fabric - very light, silly name - and weighs a total of 265 grammes in medium and 320g in large size. Pack size, as you can see, is tiny. That's a standard cycling water bottle next to it.

Yeti Passion One

The bag is comfort rated at +15˚C, has a Limit value of +12˚C and an extreme rating of -1˚C, in other words, ideal for lightweight summer racing and lightpacking. The bag is insanely light but still useably warm. Unsuprisingly construction is minimalist with stitch-through baffles and no zipper baffle, but it's very much a top-end, specialist tool, built for a purpose. It's available now and retails for £280.

Still Light, But More Of A Generalist...

Much more of an all-rounder is the VIB 250. It's still a lightweight bag, but far less minimalist. Rated at -9˚C for extreme, +5˚C for limit and +9˚C for comfort. It uses 800+ fill power, 95/5 fill power Crystal Down, some 250 grammes of it, and the total weight is given at 630 grammes.

Yeti VIB 250 sleeping bag

A good option if you're tall too, with 175cm, 195cm and 205cm length options. The baffles are computer filled to give an optimised differential down distribution and maximise warmth and the zip has a baffle.  Finally the bag has a waterproof base and toe to increase resilience in condensation-prone tents. Again it looks like a really good bit of kit, retail in the UK £230.

One For The Gurlz

Last but not least, the Sunrizer 600 Women has a couple of neat, women's-specific features that are likely to cause a bit of gender envy in many a cold tent. The bag has double-filled toe and hip areas, an integral down pillow and, for ultimate luxury, a luxurious, fleece-lined toe section - below.

Yeti Sunrizer 600 Women

The bag is cut smaller for women generally, uses 600g of 600+ fill power Crystal Down and weighs in at 1145g. Comfort is +1˚C, Limit is -5˚C and Extreme rating -21˚C. Looks like a comfy and ingenious all-rounder with a price tag of £250.

Yeti Sunrizer 600 Women

Like Western Mountaineering, Yeti appears to be right up there in terms of quality and definitely worth looking at if you're in the market for a high-spec sleeping bag.

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Actually though that passion 1 bag, while no doubt very nice, doesn't quite convince me quite so much. Why go to such lengths to cut weight (stitch through, no hood etc) but retain a full length zip?

The other slight problem with it is that PHDs ultra bag is a 'huge' 345g, has a proper hood, box wall etc and is nearly 100 pounds cheaper. The current exchange rate has a lot to answer there of course

The only difference in materials is Yeti's face fabric being 25g/m2 vs ~30 for MX (both using insane quality down!) so the ultra should be quite a bit warmer.

I guess the zip would let the yeti do better in really hot temperatures.

Anyway the passion 2/3 bags do look quite gorgeous on their website.

Posted: 20/02/2010 at 20:46

These sleeping bags have been produced in Polnad.... not in german.... 

Posted: 23/02/2010 at 19:05

These sleeping bags have been produced in Poland...not in Polnad...

Posted: 23/02/2010 at 21:56

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