Monday Tip - Merino Sock Care

Prolong the life of your merino wool walking socks with a few handy hints on wear and care.

Posted: 24 October 2011
by Jon

Warning - turning merino socks inside out before washing is good practice, doing the same to a sock monkey can cause offence.

This week's Monday Tip comes partly courtesy of the Teko Sock Monkey, but is equally applicable to other socks merino or otherwise and is about how to prolong the life of your merino wool walking socks.

As you may have noted if you're a merino user, merino wool has many positive qualities, but the soft fibres can wear faster than some other materials if you don't treat 'em right.

The first, and arguably most important step is to avoid walking about in your socks alone particularly on hard floors and surfaces. Merino socks aren't designed for direct wear which abrades the fibres and will trash them far faster than normal use with boots or shoes.

Next, before washing your merino socks, brush off dirt and debris and turn them inside out. Use a gentle, warm wash cycle and a gentle detergent – Grangers actually produces a wool-specific wash with moth-repellent qualities if you want to get really serious. Don't use a fabric softener as it will coat the merino wool fibres and reduce their ability to manage moisture effectively. 

Finally hang-dry your merino socks because tumble driers actually abrade the surface of your clothing at a low level, that's where the fluff in the filter comes from...

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