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Paramo Alta II

Posted: 13 January 2010
Overall: Had this for a year now and for me it ends the argument. When its cooler (below about 10°C) Paramo is simply the best solution. One jacket that does everything. Keeps you dry from sweat and rain. No changing layers. Keep it on all day. Open the vents or main zip, roll up the sleeves if necessary to adjust temperature.

If it is as reliable as people claim then it also will not work out expensive in the long run.

I have even come to like its rugged, old school looks. It is worth adding a few grammes to get a decent length and good pockets.

In summary the best winter walking jacket you can buy.

Lowe Alpine Multi Pitch Jacket

Posted: 20 October 2009
Overall: I bought the Vest version of this jacket last year after reading the OM review.

I originally bought it for the summer months (to add at stops if windy) but I find that it really comes into its own in Spring/Autumn. When moving it offers just enough wind protection over a long sleeve base layer to be comfortable in surprisingly cool, windy conditions.

Marmot Driclime windshirt

Posted: 30 March 2008
Overall: I did a lot of walking in the early 90s with the old three layer system. Coming back to the hobby I was interested to see all the new kit and bought one of these after reading lots of positive reviews. I am amazed by how well it regulates your temperature. You literally never have to take it off. From a heated car to 2°C recently in Switzerland (with a baselayer and hat) you feel neither warm nor cold. No more overheating up the hill and cold with sweat on top.

There are several versions around though (as indicated by the other reviews) so check what you are buying. I tried a DriClime Jacket on in the shop and then ordered what I thought was the same thing off the internet but ended up with the "Original" DriClime Windshirt. The windshirt has the pit vents while the jacket has no vents but does have hand pockets and waist adjustment. Neither have a hood. I also read a comment on a forum that wearing a heavy pack had torn one of these windshirts, so maybe not the most robust - they are very thin.