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Rab Generator Smock

Posted: 03 March 2011
Overall: Rarely without this. It is tiny and goes in my bag when backpacking for a few days for tent / bothy wear (on my last Scottish autumn camping trip I never used my down vest I took to boost the warmth of this). I have also taken for kayaking, foreign travel etc. etc. and it has been a must have layer for cold trips to shower block.

Paramo Velez Adventure Light Smock

Posted: 26 February 2011
Overall: A very good waterproof jacket that I use most of the year (have an old goretex for height of summer / when likely to carry in bag all day).
Good access to pocket for map etc and also great hood. Both easy to use with gloves.

Karrimor KSB Outback

Posted: 14 June 2008
Overall: Now on my 2nd pair after good few years service around the world for my first. Possibly discontinued by Karrimor now as most places seem to have them on sale - well worth the £45 or so most places are charging. Excellent, adaptable boots.