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Raichle Ladies Mountain Peak GTX

Posted: 11 January 2006
Overall: Excellent boot. I love it! I have worn it scrambling, walking and generally getting along in the hills, including Skye, and in the glens. I have worn it in all seasons, and it takes crampons (flexible). I have always been comfortable in these. A great all-rounder. Possibly a classic. I wish Raichle hadn't discontinued it, 'cos I need a new pair.

Tunnocks Caramel Wafer

Posted: 30 June 2005
Overall: One of the best snacks you can have with your hot drink up the hill (except for with soup maybe...). A real morale booster at any time. I was fed these in quantity as a child, by my dear departed Granny, and unlike the other foods she forced upon me, my love of these wafers has remained undiminished to this day! Tea and a caramel wafer, you cannae beat it. Don't leave home without them!