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Exped Dry-Bags

Posted: 16 July 2007
Overall: I have three of these in different sizes and they are great. I don;t bother with a pack liner and just stick stuff that needs protecting from the elements in these. I'd suggest getting a range of differently sized ones so they're different colours to make it easy to identify which bag you're looking for.

Compeed Blister Plasters - Medium

Posted: 16 July 2007
Overall: Better than anything else out there.

Outdoor Cuisine Carribean Banana & Custard

Posted: 01 August 2005
Overall: Didn't really come up with a genius to invent this one, no clever dehydrating of a ready made meal, no they just went to the supermarket and bought the two ingredients off the shelves. At least you know what you are getting.

Not exactly great value when you consider how much of the stuff you could buy from the supermarket for your £2.50

Camping Barn Edale, Upper Booth

Posted: 21 May 2005
Overall: @ Easter 2005

The Barn has a low wooden sleeping platfor covering just over half of the floor area which is separated off with a couple of low walls and some supporting pillars. The remaining space is taken up with a couple of large picnic tables.
There are two doors at opposide ends of one wall and a single window in between, this and the gritstone walls makes the barn very dark.

The barn shares the Campsite's facilities:
Male's side contains 2 cubicles and two sinks. I assume the female side is the same.

The big downside is that there is only one shower and a water heating system that is so inadequate that it cannot produce enough hot water for two consecutive showers.

MSR Blacklite Cookset

Posted: 09 May 2005
Overall: Only got them a christmas but great so far.

Montane Featherlite Smock

Posted: 09 May 2005
Overall: I use this as part of my everyday walking kit. A baselayer, 100 weight fleece, this and a regular waterproof works for all situations. Added to the fleece it works just like one of those nasty clammy windblock fleeces with teh added advantage that you can use either part separately if required.

GoGas Go Gas Summit Stove

Posted: 09 May 2005
Overall: Basically a variation on the coleman alpine model of stove.

It's better because:
The flame seems more controlable
The pan supports are angled inwards reducing the chance of your pan sliding sideways off if the stove is on a slight slope.
The hose is removable and most importantly the joint allows the tube to rotate if you wish to invert the cylinder.
It has cool oval cutouts to save weight, it's not actually lighter than the alpine as they started with more metal.

It's worse than the alpine because:
It looks like it could have been a school technology project so the alpine will outlive it.

Lifesystems Mountain Leader First Aid Pack

Posted: 09 May 2005
Overall: Good kit, if you bought all the components separately you wouldn't have any money left for the bag.

I use mine for walking with groups of up to 10 youth group members. Smaller or less formal group are unlikely to want anything quite so comprehensive.

In these circumstances I'd suggest downgrading to the Mountain Kit.

Cascade Designs Platypus Hoser 2lt

Posted: 02 January 2002
Overall: If you allready have a hydration system then dont bother changing otherwise go out and buy one now.

Silva Expedition 4 Compass

Posted: 20 November 2001
Overall: The standard compass, some are smaller, some have more features, some are cheaper, but for an all round compass none beat this.
It easy to use, the needle doesnt stick and settles quickly, and it has every type of scale you could want.