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Meindl Meindl Island Pro GTX

Posted: 14 May 2004
Overall: There are much lighter boots available, which will be better for moving fast on smooth paths. But for walking on rougher ground, I reckon these are hard to beat. Anyway they seem to suit my feet, and as a type, they have become an 'old favourite'. I am now on my 4th pair, having replaced old with new as each succesively wears out.

Terra Nova Solar 2

Posted: 14 May 2004
Overall: My girlfriend and I bought this tent as a slight second, at a substantial reduction in price, four years ago. Since then it has seen considerable use and been carried on my back for a few hundred miles. It does everything we want, it has never let us down, I am very happy with it, and we intend to carry on using it for a few more years yet!