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Craghoppers Kiwi Trousers

Posted: 29 January 2009
Overall: Superb all round TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE trousers for the price.

Fairly quick dring, a good fit and wide range of sizes means you should find a pair that will fit you perfectly. In line with probably every other manufacturer, including the expensive ones, the supplied belt is, well, appropriately pants. Replace it with a decent belt and the crotch stays where it is supposed to be. The waist size -is the nominal size with an extra 2" stretch so you may be able to get into a pair a size small than your ususal trouser size and it is recommended you try these on before deciding on a size for you.

They have lots of pockets which depending upon your preference is either a good thing or a bad thing.

These are not "technical" at all and not specifically for the outdoors so you shouldn't expect too much from these. If you want OUTDOORS trousers then the Montane Terra should fit your bill perfectly.
Great travel and casual trousers that are comfortable to wear and can also pass muster for walking.

They are ALWAYS discounted somewhere and around £25 should be the max you pay for them. The marking below refelcts the price at £25. At £35 the value isn't as good. These are probably the best value trousers out there.

inov-8 Roclite 390 GTX

Posted: 03 March 2008
Overall: I used these in earnest walking snow covered paths in Austria teamed with Polar Cleats and what a combination! Truly superb.
The roomy toe box may not suit all. The lacing setup when new is perplexing to say the least and you need to work out what's best for you straight away or discomfort beckons. Once you've sussed out what lacing patterns/locks suit your foot, the roomy toe box is no problem. The extra room allows for a thicker sock to be used and the boot to fit like a glove but you do need patience and experimentation with the laces to get the best out of these.
The soft, bendy sole and not much heel support will not endear these to many people. Traversing is particularly difficult. Like my other Inov-8's these have also has outing on the South Downs and Surrey Hills and I think that this type of terrain are where these boots can shine. So far they have been waterproof which has impressed me in view of what appears to be flimsy construction that is obviously a lot tougher than it looks. The sole is grippy and sure footed.
Remember these are PARAGLIDING BOOTS and NOT WALKING BOOTS so don't expect full boot performance from them becase they ain't going to give you it. For a general undemanding walking boot these are the dog's.

inov-8 Terroc 330

Posted: 03 March 2008
Overall: Great fitting shoes in proper UK sizes. Hug the foot well and have excellent grip on dryish paths. Wet grass and a bit of mud can cause slippage. A joy to wear in summer. Have only been used on the South Downs and Surrey Hills so am unable to comment on more serious hill usage.

Paramo Velez Smock

Posted: 29 October 2008
Overall: Fantastic piece of kit if used for its intended purpose so no point wearing it for something else like climbing and then complaining it's no good.

the detachable hood is great as it allows some ventilation into the head area rather than roasting your bonce. the side vents are supreme at getting some ventilation going on the lee side of the rain/wind.

the tunnel pocket , what paramo call hand warming, allow you to put your pack strap through it for even better ventilation rather than the usual being tied up in the middle.

you do need to choose your baselayer with a certain amount of care - ideally a fast wicking/fast drting one to take full advantage of the fabrics features. you may be too warm with a merino top underneath.

Montane Terra Pants

Posted: 10 August 2008
Overall: I'm now into the second year of using these and it is not often that I am imopressed with kit.
These trousers (NOT pants) are by far the best walking trousers I've tried, light, comfortable, well cut, good wind resistance and, incredibly, exceptionally fast drying.
I have the black ones rather than one of the "look what i made at school today mummy!" colour combinations.
The mesh pockets are great for extra venting letting all that warm air out to complement the thigh vents. The right hand pcoket has a very sensible small hanging mini-pocket that keys/money etc may be deposited into so they do not rub your thigh.
Shame there is only one plain colour - black.
Mine were excellent value for money but then I didn't pay full price.
Even at full price these are probably the best walking trousers you can buy.

Alpkit Apollo II bags

Posted: 28 July 2008
Overall: Cheap water resistant bag - note water resistant not WATERPROOF (DOH!) as clearly indicated on the Alpkit site so don't forget the bin liner.
Great for organising small or large items for easy retrieval form your bag, isolating smelly or potentially nasty things, keeping sensitive stuff dry.
Greatr value.

Montane Prism Jacket

Posted: 04 April 2008
Overall: excellent, light weight, lightly insulated (so it will not surprisingly be "not all that warm"), windproof jacket that knocks the spots of any windproof fleece of similar spec. easy to put on over and easy to put things over the fabric.
Will pack up into a pocket.

GoLite Continuum

Posted: 03 March 2008
Overall: In yet another desperate hunt for a sack that I would find comfortable I picked one of these up at a bargain price online and it has turned out to be the best bargain I've ever had.
The harness and back system are very comfortable once you've moulded the frame sheet to your back; easily done by loading it up and wearing it for a couple of hours. Along with the Gregory G pack, this pack carries it's stated load carry of 25lbs (11kg) with ease and will allow a couple of kgs over whilst retaining its comfort. The hip belt, whilst mesh, supports the weight extremely well on the hips.
The top lid pocket can be fiddly when the pack is full as it rearranges everything in it.
You can reach the side pockets to get a water bottle out when worn.
I haven't had any build quality problems and it's a lot tougher than it looks.
The two "pods" on the back wewre a bit of a novelty for me until I worked out that they are the perfect size for waterproofs and assorted bits of tat that I carry.

Paramo Cambia Long Sleeve T Shirt

Posted: 03 March 2008
Overall: Excellent base layer. Dries very quickly and avoids clammy material next to your skin. Easily washed and dries overnight. Wore it for three consecutive mornings skiing during which it got soaked in sweat. Didn't smell so I suppose I'm not that much of a "ponger". I don't know what effect a gore tex shell would have on that though as I wore an old style Velez over the top which has excellent venting and breatability.

inov-8 Mudroc 290

Posted: 03 March 2008
Overall: Excellent all round walking shoe for the South East. I haven't tried them on anything more demanding than the South Downs and Surrey Hills.