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DMM Alpine

Posted: 12 March 2009
Overall: Its a great harness for group use as its so simple to put on and cheap. Its not comfortable to hang in though.

DMM Belay Master

Posted: 12 March 2009
Overall: Its a good little contraption, and its great that it stops cross loading when belaying a leader, but other companies have made belay crabs with a less bulky gate enabling you to still tie off the belay which is sometimes essentail

Hilleberg Jannu Expedition Tent

Posted: 28 April 2008
Overall: I had this tent out in winds exceeding 100mph (measured reading of 99.6mph and then winds only increased off scale of vanometer) and this tent stood fast, this was using only the supplied guy lines but with additional pegs, doubled up and with rocks on for security. SUre it buckled in the gusts but it stayed up. A Haglofs genious 12 failed in these winds, a Crux Bomb had severely damaged poles, and a Haglofs Genious 20 had severly damaged poles. The jannu poles are only slightly disfigured and do not affect the shape of the tent at all how they are now.
Ive also managed ot put the tent up in winds of over 60mph, and take it down that night in winds of over 100mph. THe guys can be put on as it goes up so it is always guyed high up, and the poles are external so you can peg it all out as you erect it. You have to see it to beleive it really, it couldent be any easyer to put up in crazy winds.
THis tent really is the muts nuts, you wont get stronger for the weight no-way! You could get cheaper though.... but then you really do get what you pay for here.

Boreal JOKER

Posted: 30 January 2008
Overall: I'm not impressed with these, for £55 they have not lasted through mcuh climbing.

Scarpa SL M3

Posted: 30 January 2008
Overall: I am really pleased with these as my first decent walking boots. With other boots the back has always worn and a plastic pice has always rubbed badly. These dont have that and were comfy from the box and still are. No water ever gets in too and no matter how much you sweat you never feel clammy in them, very impressed

Petzl e+LITE

Posted: 21 November 2007
Overall: This little beauty has got me out of trouble a few tiems now. On Tryfan one night it most definately saved us from needing MRT rescue on an epic night. I have also had to lend it to dozens of people who go out with torches that are quite frankly crap, and this litle fella outperforms all but the best Petzl headtorches! If you dont have one, get one.

Jetboil Cooker

Posted: 05 November 2007
Overall: Got mine for about £55 so I thought thats pretty cheap really as for any other stove your looking at over £30 for the burner, then a pot, and cosy and stuff would add a lot, so for a complete handy package its a steal. On a recent trip I had eaten and brewed a drink before my friends with their lesser stoves even boiled some water. They were very jealous of it. Its a superb piece of well thought out kit that will go with me everywhere, and even in my day sack for winter to make a nice hot drink on the way :)

Exped Fold Top Dry Bag

Posted: 19 September 2007
Overall: Great little bags, worht getting. But like I say, they end up being a little blkyer then you would like as you cant always get all the air you want out of it

MSR Mini Works EX

Posted: 19 September 2007
Overall: I'm quite impressed wit this, and it does the job, albeit a bit slow. If I were to invest in a a water filtration system now I would probably go for a steripen.

Maglite Solitaire

Posted: 02 September 2007
Overall: Really rubbish piece of kit, as with all Maglites, I have had several and all have stopped working for some reason, one even killed batteries when not in use, anothr had a really loose connection and you had to hold it in a certain posiion to make it work. Theyre really rubbish t be honest, I will never waste my money on one again.