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Raichle Men’s Mountain Trail GTX

Posted: 25 October 2005
Overall: OK I've only used them once but that was on a slimy, greasy north ridge of Tryfan. Felt like my scrambling had gone up a grade and even though my feet were still battered from A Lyke Wake Walk the week before they were just so comfy. Only problem was I sliced my finger open trying them on in Cotswolds.

Keen Hybrid Footwear Newport Sandals

Posted: 01 September 2005
Overall: Fantastic sandals that I now love in (well I have sold my house). Really comfy and seem pretty indestructable. They were wonderful standing in Tallyllyn after Cadair Idris.
Also they are waterproof cos it says so on a little label on them.

Lowe Alpine Mountain Cap

Posted: 04 February 2005
Overall: Love it but have to fight the urge to say
"Squeal, piggy, squel"

Miscellaneous Camping Table

Posted: 29 October 2004
Overall: What can I say It's a table on a stick. Fits a bottle of wine, a lantern and a glass what more do you need?

Mountain Equipment Firewalker 3

Posted: 09 October 2004
Overall: I have never been as comfortable in a bag as this. All the draw cords are easy to use and you don't ahve them annoying you at night.
Toggle on sac is a design fault according to the shop, but they replaced it at no cost sorted!

Camelbak Unbottle 2l

Posted: 20 September 2004
Overall: Quite often people say their systems leak. This feels as if it will last forever. I've sat on mine, fallen on it and it stands ap to it. Forget the others this is really the only system

Miscellaneous The High Mountains of Wales by Grahame Uney

Posted: 20 September 2004
Overall: A good read which I consult before venturing to any range for the first time. The second part of the book is an account of the authors trip in bagging all the Hewitts in Wales in a single trip. The book has opened my eyes to areas of my own country I've not visited.

Lowe Alpine Aleutian Pull-On

Posted: 17 September 2004
Overall: Spends a lot of time in my pack as my 'spare' warm top. For practical hill use it's very hard to beat and you know that being Lowe Alpine it's gonna lst.

Salomon Duffle 130

Posted: 17 September 2004
Overall: I picked mine up for £30 about a year ago in Rock Bottom. Fantastic piece of kit everything goes in and keeps my cupboard under the stairs tidy.

Craghoppers Ergo

Posted: 26 August 2004
Overall: Lovely to use on long walks and cheaper than most. However I must admit mine spend more time strapped to my pack than actually being used.