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Original Mountain Marathon MM 32L Classic mountain marathon large

Posted: 25 August 2006
Overall: I like this 'sac. It's been everywhere i've been since Easter, which is a fair few trips. It's unfortunately neither one thing or the other. It's a tad too large for a day sac and a tad too small for a solo overnighter. It's nice to fit all your gear into a 32l 'sac, which i can do with a shared tent (it did the business for a 3 day. 2 night trip reecntly). But on a solo trip, i found i had to put too much outside, making the extra 250g of the Mountain Mover a better bet for those trips.

Original Mountain Marathon Mountain Mover 50 15RL

Posted: 25 August 2006
Overall: A decent rucksack for overnight trips or even longer. Carries well with a small load (i used it as a winter pack last year) or when stuffed full. It's versatile too, having useful pockets unlike some of the US packs (i'm definately a lid pocket man!).

I would now have difficulty choosing between this pack and the new OMM Villain, which is slightly lower in capacity, but has a sensible buckle closure, but is more of a climbing pack having less outside pockets.

Terra Nova Laser

Posted: 25 August 2006
Overall: It's a lightweight tent, and as such should be used with care. I've got an Ultralight Voyager for *very* rough weather. It has put up with some reasonably grotty weather this summer at 500m, but i had to emergency guy one end out using my spare bootlaces!

It really does do what it says on the tin, just don't expect much sleep in a storm and practice pitching it properly before you encounter the grotty weather.

Pub Pen y Gwryd, Pen Y Gwryd Hotel

Posted: 03 February 2006
Overall: Excellent place to stop after any Snowdonian walk. Atmosphere is great, and they sell Kettle crisps. Guinness was good too.

Pub Cwellan Arms

Posted: 03 February 2006
Overall: Ok for tourists, which this pub gets by the truckload due to the Welsh Highland Railway next door. If you're a non-walker, there's nowt else to do in Rhyd Ddu while waiting for the train but head for 't pub.

BTW, it's spelt Cwellyn Arms.

Terra Nova Laser

Posted: 13 June 2005
Overall: It's the lightest 2 skin tent out there (ok, the laserlite is lighter still, but smaller), so it's going to have some weaknesses. If you want the lightest 2 skin tent, this tent can't be beaten.

Paramo Cascada Trousers

Posted: 24 March 2005
Overall: Bought for wet walking outside summer, and they fit the bill perfectly.
No one pair of trews is going to suit every situation, so the fact they are too warm for summer isn't really an issue, it's more that they do their job really well in cooler weather.

Oh, and as for expensive. For what they do, i sont think so. I know many people who'd pay £60 for trews and even more on over trousers. So in that light, not too expensive, just less versatile i suppose.

Final word: get a pair if you want to walk in the cool rain.

Paramo Viento jacket

Posted: 27 January 2005
Overall: £110, can't go wrong (200 is a lot of moolah to spend IMHO, but YGWYPF).
Ethically produced.
Reproofable again and again.
Will be getting the cascada trews to match!