Everest 2012 - A Sherpa's View

Properly thought-provoking stuff as the New York Times interviews a high altitude Sherpa about the congestion on Everest.

Posted: 31 May 2012
by Jon
Really thought-provoking video interview on the NY Times web site, which for once gives a climbing Sherpa's viewpoint on the situation on Everest this year. Sobering and shocking stuff.

A real eye-opening bit of footage in the New York Times in the form of a video interview with Pemba Janbu, a high altitude Sherpa recently returned from Everest. 

It's remarkable because it's a perspective most people very rarely see and because of the sobering content - 'Climbers actually say 'I've paid $50,000. You are here to work for me and you have to accompany me,' in response to such suggestions [that they should turn back for safety reasons]. So then I have to put my life at risk and continue the climb at the client's insistence.'

He finishes by calling for regulation of numbers on the mountain and says that his experiences this year have really made him potentially rethink his profession.

A proper must see at dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/29/a-sherpas-view-of-the-mount-everest-traffic-jam.

Big thanks to climbing journo Ed Douglas for posting the link on twitter.

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