Cicerone New Guides For Old Deal

Swap your old guide book for a brand new one, plus mid-week office sale too.

Posted: 15 March 2012
by Jon

Save these books from the multi-fuel burner at Cicerone's office sale on 28-29 March in Cumbria

Two bits of news from the nice people at Cicerone Press in the shape of a unique new guidebook part-exchange scheme and an office sale scheduled for later this month.

New Guides For Old

Trade in your old guidebook and you can land a whopping 50% discount on the price of the latest edition regardless of the state it's in. It's something Cicerone has been doing with the popular Lakeland Fellranger series for a while now, but it's now been extended across their full range of guides.

Cicerone Marketing Manager Sarah Spencer explains: “Our guides last for years and customers often hold on to well-worn copies. But the landscape changes, new facilities may open or paths might be closed or re-routed, so information can get out of date. 

We want to continue to provide people with the best and most reliable guides to the hills, so we’ve decided to offer our customers the chance to exchange their guides for the latest editions at 50% discount.'

Sounds good to us, but our dog-eared Wainwright Pennine Way Companion ain't going nowhere. It's not a Cicerone guide anyway, but more to the point, it has too many soggy memories...

If you want to take advantage of the offer, head over to and fill in the 'new guides for old form' before sending it to Cicerone along with your sad, unwanted, guidebook.

Office Sale

On top of that, Cicerone is holding an office sale at its Milnthorpe HQ in Cumbria on 28-29 March where you'll be able to pick up bargain Cicerone books from £3.00 each or, in true modern style, get four for £10.

Books available will include out of print guides – hello JR Hartley – previous editions and some books with tatty covers that can't be sold at full price but have all words present and correct. There will also be special offers on current guidebooks during the sale.

Opening times are 28th March: 10am – 7:30pm. 29th March: 10am – 7pm

The Cicerone office is located in village of Milnthorpe – 2 Police Square, Milnthorpe, LA7 7PY. More details at:

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Crikey... I deal with Cicerone all the time and didn't see this one coming, although I knew they were exchanging old Fellrangers for new ones for the past couple of years. They've also been trying to track down as many of their old guidebooks as possible, in order to recreate a complete archive of everything they've ever published. I'd hardly be able to guess how many books that would be... maybe over 500!

Anyway... as for the deal... it looks like a straight choice between letting go of your old guidebook and getting a new one at 50% of the cost... versus keeping the old faithful trail companion on your shelf and stumping up full price for a new one!

Posted: 17/03/2012 at 08:15

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