Irish Duo To Reach North Pole

The adventurers are set to be the first Irish people in history to complete the expedition

Posted: 17 February 2014
by Edward Greenland

Irish adventurer Mike O'Shea
Climber of the seven summits Clare O'Leary

LifeProof to sponsor epic adventure

LifeProof, maker of waterproof solutions for handheld technology, is sponsoring the Ice Project carried out by Mike O’ Shea and Clare O’Leary who will be the first people to walk to the North Pole in over four years and the first Irish ever.
Dubbed the “hardest expedition in the world”, the duo is well positioned to make it a success having completed both the fifth crossings of the North Patagonian Icecap and Lake Baikal in 2012 and 2013.

O‘Leary and O’Shea, who are widely regarded as one of the strongest teams in the world, commenced The LifeProof Ice Project on February 14th 2014 and are expected to finish on April 25th 2014.

The team are set to lose over three stone

On this history making journey the team will burn up to 9,000 calories per day and are expected to lose up to 44lbs in weight over the duration of this inspiring voyage. The expedition is the energy equivalent of running two marathons daily for around 50 days consecutively.
Changes to the jet stream have facilitated decent conditions thanks to a good freeze in advance of their departure from Ireland. It has been predicted that current conditions may not be replicated meaning this could be one of the final opportunities to reach the North Pole by foot.

The 778km day expedition will begin at Ward Hunt Island off the north coast of Canada taking approximately 60 days to complete.

LifeProof is about pushing the boundaries

'Clare and Mike are an inspiration and we are very proud to support two incredible adventurers on this marathon expedition,' said Fraser Heaslip, Sales Director LifeProof. 'LifeProof is about freedom and pushing the boundaries to the limits of what was previously thought possible. The LifeProof Ice Project certainly exemplifies that outlook.'
Team member Mike O Shea said 'We are delighted that LifeProof have come on board as title sponsor for our 2014 North Pole expedition. We are determined to be the first Irish team to walk to the Pole, and it's great to meet a company such as LifeProof who really embody that adventurous spirit, and understand what drives us.'
Follow the LifeProof Ice Project journey on the twitter page or visit for more information. For product information visit

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