Karrimor Taking Kids Into The Outdoors

Lancashire gear guys launch school clearance scheme

Posted: 15 December 2000
by Jon

Karrimor, the longtime East Lancashire-based mountaineering brand has launched a new scheme aimed at introducing local youngsters to the outdoors.

The Karrimor Sports Trust is a joint venture with the Welsh National Mountain Centre, whose staff use and test Karrimor clothing and equipment. In March 2001, 30 youngsters aged between 15 and 17 and recruited through local schools will be transported free to Plas y Brenin where they'll spend three days being introduced to activities like climbing, mountain walking, canoeing and dry skiing by the Brenin's professional instructors.

Plas y Brenin's Ian Peter (right) and Karrimor's sales director
pressgang two recuits into the Trust. First lesson: never wear your
boots around your neck...

But even if you're an East Lancastrian and the right age, the chances are that you won't be eligible. Why? If you're using this site, chances are that you're already an outdoors person, but the Sports Trust scheme is aimed squarely at people who, in the words of Plas y Brenin's Ian Peter have 'no experience of the outdoors and haven't had the opportunity or the encouragement to discover it before.'

Peter also hopes that the course will be just the start of the youngsters' involvement in the outdoors and hopes both to ignite their enthusiasm, instill the confidence and motivation to go out and do it again and to fan the flame via continued involvement with the schools.

The scheme, say Karrimor, is their way of putting something back into the local community and application forms are being distributed to 32 schools in the local area.

This though is only the start. The ambitious aim is to roll out the scheme nationally by 2002. We reckon it's a fantastic idea that deserves to succeed.

Karrimor web site

Plas y Brenin web site

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